Why I Read Female Bloggers

Why I Read Female Bloggers
Why I Read Female Bloggers

If you take a stroll through my Twitter and Instagram subscriptions, you might be surprised at the number of female bloggers I follow and interact with. At first glance it might seem like there’s nothing for me to gain from reading their work, but, in actuality, I’ve learned so much from these women. Today I thought I would share what exactly that is, and what you might too. One quick note, I’m not including Style Girlfriend on this list, even though I love what Megan does. SG’s content is male-focused, while this post is specifically about women who primarily write for women.

Before I venture into each blogger specifically, I thought I point out some of the overarching key points. First and foremost, these women can write. They produce quality content that is enjoyable and informative. I wouldn’t be reading if it wasn’t. As a writer, anything I read helps me improve my work. Specifically, as a blogger, reading other blogs is one of the best ways to advance my skill. Additionally, it’s safe to say that blogging is a female-dominated industry. As such, these women are usually at the forefront of industry changes and best practices. I think there’s no shame in admitting I read these blogs to learn what I can be doing better. Finally, I always stress about buying gifts for my wife. I never know how well something I pick out for her will go over. I’m always able to pick up some extra suggestions here and there from some blog posts. My wife and Grace Atwood, specifically, seem to have a very similar sense of style (and taste in books!) I can’t count the number of times I’ve told my wife about a book Grace recommended only to have her tell me she had already read it or had it on order.

Grace Atwood

The Stripe

Grace has provided so much personal help to my blog. She is always willing to answer a question or offer advice. I also want Grace to plan my next vacation. Her trips always look incredible. She finds the best hotels and the best places to visit. Definitely check out her travel guides!

Leigha Gardner

The Lilac Press

Leigha is a sweetheart. I think it’s her love of food that I most identify with. She doesn’t write about it too much, but she’s always sharing pictures of something delicious on her social media. Leigha has also been a big help lately as I’ve worked to improve my SEO.

Rachel Martino


Rach is almost always an effervescent, giggly ball of bubbly light. You can’t not be infected by her cheerfulness and positivity. I also use her Crossfit stories to push myself to get out of bed in the morning. Her love of life is something that anyone can incorporate into their own life.

Stephanie Ziajka

Diary of a Debutante

If you want to read some brave writing, check out Stephanie’s personal story of eating disorder recovery. Few bloggers open themselves up like this, and even fewer back it up with action like Stephanie. She is a constant reminder that blogging doesn’t have to be frivolous, it can have meaning and make an impact too.