What Is the Best Shaving Soap Under $15

One of the highest draws of men to traditional wet shaving is the much-touted cash savings. Pretty much any blogger who has ever written about switching to a safety razor has promised savings over the unnecessary cartridge razors and can-of-goo shaving method, including me! The trouble is that with the overwhelming and virtually endless supply of wet shaving products it’s hard to know where to start and extremely easy to blow right through one’s budget. With this in mind, I’ve decided to put together my list of the best shave soaps under fifteen dollars. Keep in mind that, as always, your mileage may vary, but in my experience these shaving soaps have provided me with both value and performance.


Arko Shaving Soap Stick Arko Shaving Soap Stick

This turkish-made shaving soap possesses a moderate citrus and soapy scent which can can be off-putting to some. I personally enjoy the fragrance. It sort of reminds me of Ivory soap, but in a good way. You’re either going to love it or hate it, but for the price it’s worth a blind buy. Regardless of the smell, the performance is top-notch. I think it’s the best value per dollar out there.

Buy the Arko shave soap here.

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Cella Shaving Soap Cella Shaving Soap

This was the first shaving soap I ever bought, and I still use it regularly today!. Cella is made in Italy and is has been around since the end of the 19th century. This soap a real-life example of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” The marzipan fragrance (a combination of almond and cherry) had me hooked from day one too. Cella is a soft soap, or croap, making it very easy to lather, even for newcomers to traditional wet shaving.

Buy the Cella shave soap here.

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Razorock “XXX”

Razorock Shaving Soap Razorock Shaving Soap

At this point I’ve tried six different Razorock shave soaps. The “XXX” and “Zi’ Peppino” are my two favorites. I chose the “XXX” for this post because it’s an all-around crowd pleaser based on the iconic Acqua di Parma “Colonia” fragrance. Razorock soaps are Italian made and very slick, providing an excellent value. I can’t wait to see what this Canadian company releases next.

Buy the Razorock “XXX” shave soap here.

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Wet Shaving Products Rustic Shaving Soap

Wet Shaving Products Rustic Shaving Soap Wet Shaving Products Rustic Shaving Soap

This American shaving company offers A LOT of fragrance options. I counted fourteen different fragrances the last time I checked, and that does not include the “Formula T” options (which I have yet to try). These shaving soaps are extremely cushioning and nourishing. I also find them to be very easy on my combination skin. Every time I use one of my WSP shaving soaps, I remember I need to keep exploring more of this company’s products.

Buy the Wet Shaving Products shaving soaps here.

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Proraso Shaving Soap Proraso Shaving Soap

I don’t think a list like this would be complete without including this Italian stalwart. I would guess that Proraso is one of the most widely available shaving soaps, with the “Green” menthol variety as the most common. This is a slick, easy to load and use soap with a cooling finish. I also highly recommend the pre-shave cream. It’s the only pre-shave I use with any regularity.

Buy the Proraso “Green” shave soap here.

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Fine Accoutrements

Fine Accoutrements Shaving Soap Fine Accoutrements Shaving Soap

This is a relative newcomer to the world of shaving soaps compared to a few others on this list. Fine is probably better known for their world-class aftershaves, but don’t let that dissuade you from trying these tallow-based soaps. Performance wise, these soaps are very reminiscent of Tabac with outstanding slickness. They also include incredible scents based on some of the world’s most recognizable men’s fragrances, like the Guerlain “Vetiver” and Terre d”Hermes.

Buy the Fine Accoutrements shave soaps here.

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I hope this post is able to help you make some new purchases without the regret of buying a shave soap you never use. Are there any great values out there that I missed or haven’t tried yet? What are your other inexpensive favorites? What should others readers try? Leave a comment below!