Wet Shaving Products Matterhorn Rustic Shaving Soap and Aftershave Tonic Review

I’ve done it several times now. I hit up Amazon to grab a new shaving product either for personal use or the blog, I shop too fast, and inadvertently buy the wrong thing. This time I had planned on purchasing a tub of Wet Shaving Products’ Formula T shaving soap. Unfortunately I grabbed a tin of the WSP Rustic shaving soap instead. I only say “unfortunately” because I have been wanting to try the Formula T for a while now. I have three or four tins of the Rustic and like all of them, so I’m really not too disappointed with my “accident”. Don’t forget, Wet Shaving Products’ Rustic shaving soap is on my list of the best shaving soaps under fifteen dollars. I’ll just grab some of the Formula T next time. If you’re not familiar with Wet Shaving Products, the Rustic shaving soap is a vegan/vegetable-based soap and the Formula T is a tallow-based shaving soap. For now, let’s hit the trail out on the “Matterhorn”.


The first piece of information one should know about “Matterhorn’s” fragrance is that it was originally inspired by Creed’s “Silver Mountain Water”. This fragrance is packed with bright green and citrus scents, balanced by some light florals. It’s absolutely wonderful for spring and summer. As it relates to the aftershave tonic, the longevity is incredible. I’ve been getting around twelve hours or so per application, which is remarkable for an eau-de-cologne.

Shaving Soap

This shaving soap whips up so fast. It is absolutely one of the easiest lathering soaps I have ever used, which is exceptionally rare in a vegetable-based soap. For me, tallow shaving soaps always tends to come together a little faster, but that is not the case with WSP’s “Matterhorn”. I also really enjoy the post-shave feel of this shaving soap. The lather shaves and washes off very cleanly leaving nothing behind. This provides a delightful moisturized but non-greasy feel.

With the right blade angle and water mix this is an extremely comfortable shaving soap. However, I did find that when I was still struggling to find that ideal water balance, my lather was thin. While my shaves were still close and slick, but the cushion was not there to provide some additional comfort. Be sure to play around and find that right ratio to bring everything together. Once I did, this soap really shone.

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Aftershave Tonic

This is my first Wet Shaving Products’ aftershave. This is also a surprisingly strong aftershave. The heat kicks in after twenty seconds or so, reminiscent of that familiar bay rum burn. That doesn’t stop this tonic from providing excellent skin conditioning. With it’s simple and clean ingredients, I wouldn’t expect anything less. When I use this aftershave, my face feels toned and treated all day long. As I said above, the fragrance of this aftershave lasts all day and then some too. It’s a true value for someone who is a fan of Creed, but doesn’t want to spend the money. I think the only thing I would consider doing differently the next time around is trying one of WSP’s mentholated versions of their aftershave tonic.

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