Wet Shaving Gifts for Mother’s Day

Wet Shaving Gifts for Mother's Day Wet Shaving Gifts for Mother’s Day

Ok, so this is probably a little late, I know.  But that’s how we shop, right?  I usually have a ton of gift ideas in my head weeks before an event like a birthday or Christmas, but none of the gifts ever seem perfect.  Then, at the last minute, it hits me, the perfect gift.  Well this is the perfect time to get your wife or girlfriend into wet shaving with a safety razor.  You already know how much better a shave it is, you already know how peaceful the process is.  Wouldn’t it be nice to share this with her?  Doesn’t she deserve the same happiness that you get out of your daily shave?  Ok, but companies don’t make safety razors and soaps for women, right?  Wrong!  There are a lot of great products out there that are either perfect for men or women or designed just for women.  So I just wanted to run through a few ideas for Mother’s Day.

Barrister & Mann

You all know I love Barrister & Mann.  Well, they just released their first shaving soap designed exclusively for women.  The Velvet shaving soap is floral soap made with their incredibly popular Latha base.  If you haven’t used Barrister & Mann for yourself yet, you need to pick up a shaving soap or two as well.  Trust me, these products are fantastic!


Another shaving soap crafted exclusively for women is the Haslinger Woman Rasierseife.  This sandalwood scented shaving soap is blended with aloe vera to help keep legs and underarms especially soft.

Edwin Jagger

Sure you could go ahead and buy the same safety razor you use as a gift, but why not pick up one from Edwin Jagger that comes in pink, rose, and lilac.

Wet Shave Club

Finally, if you can’t decide what to get, check out Wet Shave Club.  The folks at Wet Shave Club just released a women’s subscription box.  This is the perfect gift with everything to get the lady in your life started.

I hope this post isn’t too late to help you out in your gift search.  I’d love to hear about any other products you know of that are wonderful for women.


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