Weekend Reading

If you’ve been paying attention to my Instagram feed this week, you will know that I received a ton of new products for review.  From shaving soaps to aftershaves to razor blades to lip balms (2 in fact!), my log of upcoming reviews is quite extensive.  I’ll be posting a picture this week of every product we have in line to review.  If you see something you would like me to move up the list and get to sooner rather than later, please let me know and I’ll do my best to do that.  If you are a shaving/grooming manufacturer or clothing company and would like any of your products reviewed, please let me know through our contact form or email info@tailorandbarber.com.  Ok, on to the reading, watching and shopping.


1. Proportions are one of the major difference in just wearing a suit wearing a suit with style.  This quick tip from The Compass is a great start.

2. I have one of these six books in my backlog of reading.  I plan on picking up the other five too.

3. I’m pretty obsessed these days on perfecting my morning routine (even though it’s pretty crazy right now with two small kids), which is why I subscribe to My Morning Routine.  The most recent post highlighting Amber Rae was a good one.

4. This story on the advances in gene-editing immediately brought to mind one of my favorite quotes from Jurassic Park. “Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” – Dr. Ian Malcolm

5. The Wisconsin basketball players had me chuckling with this one.

6. I’ve always been a fan of Arnold as a movie star, but this story really boosted my perception of his as a man.  Under no obligation, he posted an encouraging response to a trouble young man on Reddit.


7. I got ready for the final episodes of Mad Men by catching up on the first half of the season on Netflix.  Brand new episodes went up this week!

8. The Octonauts are probably the best kids’ show on TV these days.  Your kids will love it, and you might actually enjoy it too.

9. I’m all set to watch this on Saturday night!


10. Just  reminder that the 7 For All Mankind flash sale is going on this weekend.  An extra 20% off on all sale items, plus free shipping when you use the code SALE20.

11. Get ready for summer before the crowd and pick up a few pairs of Havaianas before they sell out.  I’ll be getting this pair and this pair.


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