Weekend Reading: Heavy Metal, Floris, and Easy Company

Weekend Reading: Heavy Metal, Floris, and Easy Company Weekend Reading: Heavy Metal, Floris, and Easy Company

The Canadian Grand Prix, The Belmont Stakes, The NHL Finals, The NBA Finals.  Yes, it’s a pretty big sports weekend, and yes, I listed those in my preferential order.  It’s official, at this point in my second year watching, I’ve become F1-obsessed.  I’m even watching qualifying and practice at this point.  I’ve read a lot of articles out there about long-time fans who find the current races slow, quiet, and boring, but it’s all new and exciting to me.  So even if F1 makes some changes to “improve” the races, that’s all extra gravy for me.  If you’ve never watched a Formula 1 race, this is a great weekend to check it out.  Since the race in is Montreal, the start time should be better suited to most of my readers.  Check it out on NBC Sports.  Here’s some of the most interesting things I saw on the web this week.

1. This Art of Manliness profile of Major Dick Winters is a must-read.

2. So maybe I won’t be buying a pair of Church’s, but my shoes will be able to shine like them.

3. I’m loving this summer outfit put together by the folks over at Dappered.

4. You might want to tell the women in your life to lay off the J. Crew until they get their act together.

5. However, these are some of the best men’s shirts available for summer.

6. I think everyone will agree you need this in your life.

7. Mark was incredibly lucky to get a pre-release look at the new Gentleman Floris line.  I’m definitely jealous!

8. With the launch of the new line, Floris No. 89 is on a rare sale.

9. Another fantastic post from Ryan Holiday.

10. I can’t believe this didn’t make our top colognes for summer.

11. Monster.


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