Weekend Reading

It is pouring today. I mean it’s one of those drenching days where the rain started before I was awake and won’t stop until after I go to bed. I’m always so unproductive on days like these. I get so sluggish and lazy. Even writing this post is tough. I keep looking out the window, checking Twitter, getting a snack (that I don’t need to be eating), etc. I even worked out this morning and everything. That usually gives me a boost of energy. But my focus is just lacking today. Of course being self-employed doesn’t help. I don’t a boss to direct me or the possibility of losing my job to motivate me. So how do I push through? I don’t. I lean into it. Small spurts of work peppered with minor distractions. Eventually, the work sessions lengthen and the breaks dwindle as I find my words.

Another good idea is to share a bunch of links of other people’s work. People who were able to push through their work to create some really great content which I hope you enjoy!

There were two fantastic articles on Sharpologist this month. One about the rise of affordable badger brushes and the most detailed review of Proraso’s products that I have ever seen.

These are another great value-priced option for badger shaving brushes.

Some great tips here on dressing with a modicum of maturity.

I’m obsessed with this sweater. It’s a shame I can’t wear it any more until next fall, but if I were you I would get it now when it’s on sale.

Did you ever wonder why we wear some of the things we wear?

This is one of the best spring/summer fragrances. Time to restock before it gets warm.

I’m terrible at kicking up a conversation with someone I don’t know. I’ll have to use some of Ashley’s ideas the next time I feel awkward.

I’m definitely getting these slip-ons for casual warm days this summer.

Fascinating read from Brian about this (way out of my price range) watch.

Jack Black has been my go-to fash wash of late. I love the clay and glycolic acid combination.

I love movies. I love style. What more is there to say?