Upcoming Razor Blade Experiment

Upcoming Razor Blade Experiment Upcoming Razor Blade Experiment

One of the things that I love about traditional wet shaving is the experimentation.  It really is true in this activity that your mileage may vary (YMMV).  One product that works so well for you may be someone else’s most hated.  Sure, there are some shave soaps or shaving creams out there that just about everyone loves, but, for the most part, wet shaving with a double-edged safety razor is so individualized, that experimentation is almost a necessity.  Unfortunately, there are so many products to try, and so many combinations of pre-shaves, soaps, creams, razors, blades, and aftershaves that many times the combinations yield no final results.

In the spirit of experimentation, I mentioned yesterday on Twitter and Facebook that I am planning a razor blade experiment, and I wanted to go over what I will be doing and ask for submissions on razor blades you would like me to incorporate into this.  Please understand that I may not be able to include every suggestion, but I will try.  I am conducting this in the effort to help as many people as possible (including myself!) get a feel for different blades, so I will first focus primarily on the blades that seem to have more interest.  Additionally, it should be noted that everything being done in this endeavor is being done to my face, and your results might be different.

What I plan to do is try a variety of different razor blades for three days each while eliminating as many other variables as I can.  Why three days?  Well, I use all of my blades for three days, and this is my experiment.  If you want to use your blades for less or more time, go ahead.  I will also use two of each type of blade for the experiment, just in case I get a dud.  Other than different blades, I will be using the same brush, soap, razor and post-shave products for every shave.  So basically, every week I will switch to a different blade and cycle through it twice taking notes as I go.  I haven’t decided on what other products I will be using, but I have decided to use widely-known and widely-available products to give more people a frame of reference.  I think this will help more people relate to what I am doing.  I will probably get started in a few weeks to give time for suggestions and shipments of the blades.  Obviously this will take some time as each blade itself will take a week.

I hope people are looking forward to this, and I hope you will offer your suggestions on blades to try.  I’ve already received a few and would like as much input as possible.  Please feel free to comment here or reach out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Google+.


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