Twillory Is Crushing It Right Now!

Twillory Is Crushing It Right Now! Twillory Is Crushing It Right Now!

A constant refrain in my house is, “I’m going to write a letter.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uttered this in either joy or frustration.  I honestly believe that “feedback is the breakfast of champions” (a key quote from one of my favorite management books).  I have learned over the years to try and take feedback as objectively as possible, but I have also learned that the only way to encourage or change something is to give feedback.

This blog has given me a much stronger voice than just a single letter or tweet from a customer.  While I have written some critical reviews, I also want to use that voice for for good to encourage companies to keep doing what they’re doing.  Recently I had an experience shopping online with Twillory that I just had to write about.  I’ll talk about the shirts for a few minutes too, but first I want to run through what has now made me a loyal customer.

I took the opportunity to use two promos to try six shirts from Twillory for $300.  I think $50 per shirt is a pretty decent deal, and, if these shirts were everything they were advertised to be, this would be a fantastic deal.  I used the first time shopping promo to get two shirts for the price of one, and the STOCKUP code to purchase four shirts for $199.  After having a short conversation on Twitter with the folks at Twillory, I decided to go with the Tailored fit option (they offer Tailored and Traditional).  Additionally, I stuck to my usual 17 – 35 sizing.

Unfortunately, when the shirts arrived, the fit was too tight.  I loved the rest of the sizing, but they were just a little too snug.  In a fit of frustration (I’ve been looking for some new shirts, unsuccessfully, for a while now), I sent the shirts back with no comment or communication.  At the moment most slimmer fit shirts seem to be too tight for me, and the standard fitting shirts too loose.  Well, two days later, the shirts arrived back at Twillory, and surprisingly, they reached out to me via email to investigate the reason for the return.  Through the course of a sixteen email conversation, I expressed my problem.  Twillory’s customer service suggested I stick with the Tailored fit, but go up to a 17.5 neck size.  I was extremely hesitant, considering my recent issues with a number of shirt makers.  However, Twillory convinced me to try, stating simply that they were confident this would fix my issues.  The shirts arrived, and they are amazing.  The fit is exactly what I wanted, and I am unbelievably satisfied with my purchase.

If I go to a restaurant and I don’t enjoy my food, I’ll try the same place again.  Maybe I ordered something not suited to my tastes.  However, if I go and the service is poor, I won’t go back.  To me poor service is a sign of a much larger problem within an organization.  It tells me that even the employees don’t believe in their product.  Conversely, outstanding customer service will win me over forever.  I want to note two amazing points about the customer service from Twillory.  First, they took the time to reach out to me and go back and forth over multiple emails helping me.  Secondly, they had the confidence to say “no”.  The customer is not always right, and Twillory, being the experts in their products, knew what I actually needed.  They told me “no” in a very nice way, but it was still a “no”, and I’m thankful they did.  I now have exactly what I wanted.

The shirts are incredible too.  The fabric is wonderful, and the choice of patterns is quite varied.  I especially found the two sea island twill shirts in white and blue to be especially luxurious.  Aside from the fabric and construction, it’s the details that makes these shirts.  All of the buttons are real mother-of-pearl, and the collar stays (what originally got Twillory on my radar) are exceptional.  These are not cheap, disposable, or poorly crafted collar stays, but could actually be sold separately as quality accessory pieces.

Like I stated in the title of this post, Twillory is crushing it right now.  Their customer service is superb, their shirts are top-notch, and their price is right.  I highly recommend checking them out picking up a few shirts.  Four for $199 is a great deal, and with free shipping both ways, it’s so easy.


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