Tuesday Shave and Groom: RazoRock Zi’ Peppino Shaving Soap Review

Tuesday Shave and Groom: RazoRock Zi' Peppino Shaving Soap Review
Tuesday Shave and Groom: RazoRock Zi’ Peppino Shaving Soap Review

I’ve been a fan of RazoRock as a company long before I tried any of their products.  Joe from RazoRock was very helpful in the early days of putting this blog together, and he has offered me valuable advice from time to time since starting.  So I am very happy to have the opportunity to finally review one of RazoRock’s shaving soaps.  Hopefully, the first of many.  Of course I am committed to being honest, open and objective in my posts, as well as only recommending products that I would use myself.

I think Razorock has close to twenty different shaving soaps available in their portfolio of products, so why did I decide to start with The “Zi’ Peppino” for my first review?  Well, it’s probably not as well known as their “XXX” Shaving Soap or the very well regarded P.160 Special Shaving Soap.  Additionally, I liked the unique name, I wanted to know what green tobacco smelled like and I was extremely curious to discover what kind of shave I could really get for such an affordable price.  I was able to find the “Zi’ Peppino” on the Italian Barber online store for $6.99 plus shipping and on Amazon for $9.99 with free shipping.  So, I wondered, “how good could this really be at such a low price?”

First of all, the packaging is exceptional.  I love shaving soaps with screw caps like this one making it perfect for travel or safe storage in my shaving cabinet which has become overloaded since starting this blog, but that’s another story for another blog post.  The black plastic case is durable and sturdy with a solid screw cap that I have no doubt will stay on securely.  Upon opening the case, the scent is light but fresh with just the tiniest hint of spice.  However, once you wet the soap and begin building the lather, the scent explodes.  The green tobacco scent is difficult to describe without sounding like I’m taking the easy way out, but it absolutely does smell exactly like it’s name.  It’s hard to wrap your head around it, but imagine a shaving soap with a smoky scent, then take that scent and make it fresh.  I know it sounds odd, a fresh, smoky scent, but that’s what the “Zi’ Peppino” is…and it works!  As many of you know, the scent of a shaving soap or cream is crucial to me.  A truly wonderful fragrant soap can heighten the shaving experience from a daily chore to a valuable slice of personal time.  Performance-wise, this soap really stands out.  This isn’t just a great soap for under ten dollars, this is a great soap, period.  The lather is thick, cushioned and slick.  I have had zero issues building a lather in a bowl, on my palm or on my face.  Face lathering is my personal preferred method, but I like to try different ways.  Another aspect of this lather which I always like in my soaps, is that clean feeling after a pass with my razor.  I personally don’t like soaps or creams that leave a thin residue.  Some people appreciate this “slickness” for clean-ups, but if I need to make another pass, I’ll re-lather.  I would prefer to not have to worry about leftover soap still on my face when I’m done shaving.  The Razorock “Zi’ Peppino” gave an incredibly smooth shave with no traces of the soap left on my face.

As I mentioned before, the “Zi’ Peppino” is available on the Italian Barber online store and on Amazon.  This soap is an extreme value, not just for the price, but also because of the outstanding soap you get.  Do not hesitate in getting this soap as an early Christmas present for yourself, your nose and your face will thank you.

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