Truefitt and Hill West Indian Limes Review

Few scents capture the breezy easiness of summer like lime. Gin and tonics, limeade (yes, it’s better than lemonade), and lime slices rubbed on grilled corn. These are all some of my favorite things during summer. If you haven’t tried the last one, make it a requirement at your next cookout. Grill up some ears of corn, rub a lime wedge over your ear (of corn), and sprinkle a little salt on it. You’ll never use butter again. Truefitt & Hill’s West Indian Limes line continues that tradition of warm weather and citrus scents. In fact, Truefitt & Hill has been providing its lime-scented fragrances for almost one hundred fifty years, since the reign of Queen Victoria. If you want to read more about Truefitt & Hill, be sure to read my reviews of the 1805, Sandalwood, and Grafton lines.

I found the fragrance of this line quite enjoyable. Many lime scents are overly sugary with an almost candy-like quality. T&H’s lime scent carries a slightly darker feel to it. I’ve seen the fragrance described as having the scent of a lime rind as opposed to the inner fruit. I found it woodsy and earthy, but still a sweet fragrance with that traditional burst of citrus. It’s a little more balanced than some of the other lime scents available, which I appreciated.

Shaving Cream

My first attempts with this shaving cream were not good. The cream was not building into lather. My shaves were comfortable enough, but not what I had come to expect from Truefitt & Hill. The cushion was there, but the slickness was noticeably absent. I decided to ditch my boar brush and bring in the Razorock Plissoft “Monster”. What an improvement! The problem wasn’t the shaving cream, it was the brush. I was now able to build in much more water, and the lather was markedly improved. Thicker. Slicker. I highly recommend using this cream with a synthetic or badger brush. With the right mix, I had shaves that were close and comfortable with zero irritation, nicks, or weepers.

Aftershave Balm

The Truefitt & Hill “West Indian Limes” aftershave balm is wonderfully nourishing and moisturizing. I did find it a little thicker than some of the other T&H aftershave balms, but it absorbed quickly enough. I would suggest using less than you might typically use. The scent of the aftershave balm was outstanding. I usually think balms to have much less fragrance than their aftershave splash counterparts, but I could smell this balm a good half hour later.


Here’s the trouble with lime colognes. They don’t last. This isn’t due to the quality of the craftsmanship or ingredients. It’s just the nature of citrus fragrances, especially lime. So do not expect a longevity beast here. But that’s sort of the point when you think about a citrus fragrance, isn’t it. It’s meant to be a refresher in the heat, and multiple applications are one way that is achieved. This cologne is stronger than most other lime fragrances though. I think that’s due to the heavier base on which the lime notes sit.

All together, this is a wonderful summertime shaving line. When discussing lime fragrances, few names appear more than Truefitt & Hill. If you’re looking for some products to handle your summer grooming regimen, these are some of the best.


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