Truefitt and Hill Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream Review

For over two centuries, one name has been a cornerstone of traditional men’s grooming, Truefitt and Hill. Well, really two names, I guess. So how does a heritage brand respond to current market demands like shaving cream for sensitive skin? They reformulate and present their new Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream. This new shaving cream, although they do have one newer, is Truefitt and Hill’s attempt to help those men who struggle with skin bothered by harsher fragrances and dyes. This is also not my first Truefitt and Hill review. Don’t miss my review of the 1805, Grafton, Sandalwood, and Trafalgar lines.


I know what you might be thinking. This shaving cream is fragrance-free, so I must hate it. Surprisingly, I did not. While this shaving cream is indeed fragrance-free, it is not without scent. I picked up light traces of sandalwood. These were very light, mind you, but they reminded me of the Taylor of Old Bond St. Sandalwood shaving cream. This was definately not a full-fragranced shaving experience, but not offensive either.

Truefitt and Hill Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream tube
Truefitt and Hill Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream tube


Here’s what it’s all about, right? With a name like Ultimate Comfort, I should think so. And true to it’s name, this is one of the most comfortable shaving creams I’ve ever used. The cushion is out-of-this-world! I mean, next-level good. But…and here it comes, I think a bit of slickness is sacrificed to achieve this comfort when compared to other Truefitt and Hill shaving creams. Now, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. This shaving cream is specifically designed for men (and women), with sensitive skin, who are looking for additional comfort and skin healing properties, which this shaving cream has in spades. Yes, in addition to incredible comfort, this shaving cream also provides an exceptional post-shave feel and healing.


I think this shaving cream achieves exactly what the folks at Truefitt and Hill set out to do. This really is an “ultimate comfort” shaving cream. If you suffer with sensitive skin in a world full of wet shaving products loaded with harsher ingredients, this is the shaving cream for you. If you are looking to work a comfortable shaving cream into your rotation while still letting your face still heal for a day, this is also the shaving cream for you.

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