Truefitt & Hill Grafton Review

I recently purchased a large sample pack from Truefitt & Hill, which, in my opinion, is the best selection of samples offered by one brand.  I’ve been looking to pair down my cologne cabinet to several scents/fragrances rotated seasonally.  In my OCD mind, I would like a perfect world where my everyday shaving cream or soap, aftershave, and cologne all come from the same house.  Unfortunately, this has turned out to be an, almost, insurmountable task for a couple of reasons.  First, I like too much variety in my shaving routine to stick to one soap or cream every day, and, second, no manufacturer seems to be able to put together a full lineup of products I love.  Some companies fall short in one or two categories.  Others only make aftershaves, like Fine Accoutrements.  Needless to say, my search has not been fruitful.  I’ve resigned myself to finding colognes to rotate with the seasons, while, hopefully, finding some complementary shaving products along the way.  Enter Truefitt & Hill Grafton.

I’ve already written a review of Truefitt & Hill’s 1805 shaving cream, and the performance of the Grafton shaving cream is on par with the 1805.  However, I found the scent to be lacking.  The Truefitt & Hill Grafton shaving cream, while described as woodsy and spicy, seems almost unscented to me.  In fact, if you’re looking for a woodsy, spicy shaving cream that performs, take a look at the Edwin Jagger “Aloe Vera” shaving cream instead.  Don’t get me wrong about the Truefitt & Hill “Grafton” shaving cream.  The performance is fantastic; I just wanted a lot more from the fragrance.

T&H’s aftershave balm is the real star of the Grafton line.  The scent is just right.  More importantly, the balm is luxurious, nourishing, and absorbs quickly with no residual greasiness.  This balm is on the same level with some of my other favorite aftershave balms.  If I had to choose just one Grafton product to buy, it would be this aftershave balm.

Unfortunately, this leaves the cologne standing out in the cold.  I found the scent of this cologne to be even lighter than the shaving cream, almost non-existent.  If you are looking for a woodsy, spicy cologne for the colder half of the year, “Opus 1870” is a better performer in a comparable price range.

Look, I hate writing bad reviews.  I was really pulling for Truefitt & Hill too.  I find their history, tradition, and lore incredible appealing.  Nevertheless, not every product can be at the top of the list.  I am still hopeful that my run through my Truefitt & Hill samples will yield some more positive results.  For now, though, I would pick up a bottle of the aftershave balm and call it a day on the Truefitt & Hill Grafton.


Tailor & Barber