Time to Thaw Your Wardrobe Too

I was working out and meditating this morning, and suddenly noticed a few things.  There were pools of water fed from a few tiny streams in my yard.  I also kept hearing the drip, drip dripping of melting snow.  Instantly I knew the thaw was here!  After an unusually cold winter full of snowstorms, black ice, sleet, freezing rain, and wind chills, warmer weather was finally upon us.  I know it’s only about 50 degrees here, but that seems like a Godsend after the single digits and teens.  

Inspired by the warmer weather today, I dug into my closet and threw on one of my favorite shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt.  This is the perfect shirt for bright, warm days.  White and blue shirts are classic and easy for sure, plus you can’t go wrong wearing either one, but you won’t stand out either.  Spring is the time for new beginnings and fresh starts.  Thaw out your closet and give it a fresh start with some color.

If you’re not familiar with Charles Tyrwhitt’s 4 for $199 shirts, you should be!  The British company offers an incredible array of men’s shirts outside of some of your traditional American patterns.  I always buy four at a time, and at $50 a shirt, you will be hard-pressed to find a better value.  Just be sure to hang-dry them, because they can shrink on you.

The next shirt I’m going to buy is this poplin sport shirt from Ralph Lauren.  Poplin cloth is a fantastic weight for warmer weather, and for those chillier nights in the spring, don’t forget a lightweight sweater.

Spring is a great time to pick up a few new items for your wardrobe.  You’re probably already doing some closet cleaning anyway.  Remember, if you didn’t wear a shirt last year, you probably won’t wear it this year.  Make sure you take anything you aren’t going to wear to Goodwill or somewhere similar.

When you’re done cleaning your closet, make sure you check out my Spring Shirt Wishlist below too.


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