Tiki Bar Soap “Land Locked” Shaving Soap Review

Tiki Bar Soap Tiki Bar Soap “Land Locked” Shaving Soap Review

I need to catalogue my shaving supplies. Every time I dive into my cabinet, I come out with something I almost forgot was in there. It’s probably a sign that I have too many wet shaving products, but that’s not possible, right? Seriously, I have so many tubs, bottles, and tubes in that cabinet, that I”ve had to put myself on a spending freeze. I once wrote about wet shaving as way to save money. The problem is that once I was hooked, I had to try ALL THE SOAPS! Today, a few self-imposed restrictions are necessary before I run out of storage room. The struggle is real.

One of my recent dives to the back of the shelf brought out this gem of a summer shaving soap, which I bought and used last year. At the end of last summer, I tucked it away, leaving the tub to collect a little dust while I focused more on those dark scents associated with snow, roaring fires, and chilly temps. Well, today the temperature is soaring into the 90s, and it’s time to break those summertime soaps out from their hibernation.

The fragrance of this soap is balanced perfectly with citrus and fruit. The scent is strong enough that you can enjoy it, but it doesn’t overpower. I think when sweet fragrances are too much, they are not very enjoyable. But “Land Locked” slams right up to the edge without crossing that line.

One feature I love about this soap is the oversized tub. With walls higher than the level of the soap itself, loading my brush is virtually mess-free. Look, making lather is messy business sometimes, and I don’t mind that. It’s part of the process. But when I can load a soap without having lather run up my wrist and spill over my hand, I’m a happy shaver. “Land Locked’s” lather is so easy to build too. I’ve been using a lot of veggie soaps lately, and I always forgot how much easier building lather with a tallow-based soap can be. I’ve only encountered one veggie soap that gives tallow soaps a real run for their money in the lather-building aspect, but that review won’t be out for a few more weeks.

Tiki Bar’s “Land Locked” shaving soap is quite the performer too. The cushion is superb and the slickness is excellent. From all my shaves last year to my more recent shaves, I can’t seem to remember a nick, cut, or even any irritation with this soap.

Amanda Stott, the founder of Tiki Bar Soap, has created a delightful and exceptional shaving soap in “Land Locked”. I highly recommend this soap, and I’m looking forward to trying more from her. Any recommendations on which one to try next?


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