Three Ways to Wear Pink This Summer

I used to go to grad school with a guy who wore this pink polo shirt quite frequently. He stood around 6’7” with an extremely fair, Irish-American complexion. The shirt was bright, neon, and electric. I mean, it was a bit much. Knowing what colors work with your skin tone is a huge asset in building your personal style. I also think with colors like pink, balance and contrast are crucial. Pink works extremely well with blues and greens. Those were the three colors my wife and I used at our wedding, and there’s no way I’m going to tell her she’s wrong.

Lazy Afternoons

This look is all about comfort. Lightweight materials and airflow will help beat the heat even during the dogs days of summer. This entire look is available from J. Crew, one of my favorites.

Shorts  //  Shirt  //  Belt  //  Sandals

Weekend Barbecues

Sure you could throw on a pair of cargo shorts, a “clever” logo t-shirt, and some sandals with a bottle opener in the sole, or you could embrace some cool colors and win “Best Dressed” at your next cookout. That’s a thing, right?

Pants  //  Shirt  //  Belt  //  Shoes

Survive the Overcrowded Subway

Nothing is worse in the summer than an overcrowded subway, train, or bus on one of those sweltering days. The heat is oppressive, everyone is cranky, and all you can think about is getting home to an ice bath. With a cotton suit like this, those days gone. Oh sure, everyone else will still have them, but you won’t miss a beat.

Suit  //  Shirt  //  Tie  //  Belt  //  Socks  //  Shoes


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