The Waxed Cotton Jacket: A Fall Classic

I woke up yesterday to walk my dogs early, and it was cold and damp out.  What a truly fitting last day of September.  Today is October 1st, and Fall is really here, not just a date on the calendar.  It’s chilly in the morning.  Next week, the highs will be in the 60s.  Polo shirts are pretty much done until next Spring.  And I just ordered firewood for those cold nights.  I love this weather, and I love the clothes that go along with this weather.  One of those perfect items that just screams Fall is the waxed cotton jacket.  What I love most about waxed cotton jackets is the combination of style, warmth and waterproofing.  On the style front, they don’t look like a rain slicker or puffy Winter coat.  Both of those types of jackets are fine, but they don’t necessarily look as nice as a waxed cotton jacket, which can be as warm or as cool as you want the jacket to be.  Zip it up with a sweater underneath on those really cold mornings or unzip it with an oxford during those warmer, sunny Fall afternoons.  The waxed cotton jacket is extremely versatile and deserves a place of prominence in your Fall wardrobe.  With this in mind, we put to get a list of five exceptional waxed cotton jackets perfect for this Fall:

1 and 2. Barbour Bedale and Beaufort Jackets

Barbour Classic Bedale Jacket Barbour Classic Bedale Jacket Barbour Classic Beaufort Jacket Barbour Classic Beaufort Jacket

No list of waxed cotton jackets would be complete without mentioning Barbour.  The Bedale and Beaufort jackets are synonymous with waxed cotton.  The corduroy collars and tartan lining are classic, and the quality is second to none.  These are the coats the British Royal Family wears to fight that cold, damp English weather.  While the Bedale and Beaufort jackets look similar, they do have a few differences, mainly in the length of the coat and lining.  The Daily Prep has a great article that really lays out the differences.

3. Eddie Bauer Bainbridge Field Jacket

Eddie Bauer Bainbridge Field Jacket Eddie Bauer Bainbridge Field Jacket

Next we go from the jackets the British Royal Family wears to the jacket made by the company that outfitted the first Americans to climb Mount Everest.  Eddie Bauer is a ninety-four year old American company built on a commitment to quality backed by their famous Satisfaction Guarantee.  Eddie Bauer definitely stands behind their work, and you can count on this coat to last.

4. Filson Waxed Cotton Coat

Filson Waxed Cotton Coat Filson Waxed Cotton Coat

If simplicity is your thing, this Filson Waxed Cotton Coat is for you.  The sleek, elegant design allows it to be paired with almost any outfit.  It is wind and water resistant, and, in the true American style, cut broader in the shoulders for additional comfort.

5. J. Crew British Millerain® Waxed Cotton Field Jacket

J. Crew British Millerain® Waxed Cotton Field Jacket J. Crew British Millerain® Waxed Cotton Field Jacket

J. Crew proves that not all waxed cotton coats need to be green or olive.  This aged teak offering provides a little more flair and edginess than your traditional waxed cotton jacket.  If you daily wardrobe appears to be more dressy in nature than casual, we, at Tailor and Barber, would recommend this beautiful coat from J. Crew.

Wherever you live, it probably either gets colder or rains.  An investment in a waxed cotton jacket is the perfect piece of outerwear to have for daily use.  You can dress it up or take it down.  It will keep you dry and warm.  Don’t be afraid to step out of the raincoat/winter coat bubble.

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