Take Your Fall Wardrobe to the Next Level

Happy Autumn! Happy Autumn!

Fall is here!  This is my favorite season.  I love the crispness in the air, the smell of fires sparking in fireplaces, leaf piles, the colors in the trees, and all that wonderful Fall stuff.  It’s “jeans and a sweater” weather, right?  Sure, if you want to blend in and be just another dude.  Don’t get me wrong, I love jeans and sweaters.  It’s a classic outfit that is pretty hard to screw up.  But this Fall, why not compliment those jeans with a little more style: try rocking a sport coat.

Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “Great! I thought I had to pack up my blue blazer after Labor Day.  This is going to be easy!”  Sure, that’s one way to go.  A blue blazer is timeless and goes with almost anything.  But remember, the key to matching other clothes with jeans is texture.  Denim is a pretty tough and textured fabric, and it needs texture to compliment it.  Cotton is a wonderful fabric, but I don’t think it can stand up to denim texturally and cotton doesn’t work as well in the Fall as some other fabrics.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of five fantastic sport coats for Fall:

1. Brooks Brothers – Fitzgerald Fit Check Sport Coat

A check sport coat from Brooks Brothers is a timeless American classic.  Sport this jacket to bump the style of almost any pair of jeans.

2. Polo Ralph Lauren – Morgan Herringbone Sport Coat

Looking for a way to dress up those jeans and Fair Isle sweater?  This guy has it down.  You couldn’t do much better than copying this entire outfit.

3. Thomas Pink – Landfield Jacket

Fall jackets don’t have to be dark.  This tan corduroy sport coat will pair perfectly with a lighter pair of jeans.  The elbow patches are a nice touch from this British company.

4. Charles Tyrwhitt – Dark Green Check Harris Tweed Jacket

Another choice from across the pond.  Charles Tyrwhitt has offered incredible value for almost 30 years.  This pairing with the number one name in sport coats, Harris Tweed, doesn’t disappoint.

5. Polo Ralph Lauren – Green Cord Morgan Sport Coat

Do you like to stand out even more?  This beautiful green corduroy jacket from Ralph Lauren will provide that unique next level that only the bold will attempt.


Any of these 5 sport coats will help to elevate your Fall wardrobe above the “jeans and a sweater” level.  Believe me, people will notice, and that’s a good thing.  Besides, if you really miss wearing a sweater, you can always layer it with a jacket as the days get colder.


Tailor and Barber