Style Thoughts: Put Their Stylists to Work for You

Style Thoughts: Put Their Stylists to Work for You
Style Thoughts: Put Their Stylists to Work for You

I woke up this morning and found my inbox and Feedly were full of best and worst dressed lists from last night’s Golden Globes.  It seemed like everyone from E! Online to The Today Show had a list of the best dressed men from the award show.  Even Business Insider got in on the action.  Not surprisingly, the lists were all very similar, so there’s no need to do our own list.  Additionally I have no interest in putting a worst dressed list together.  It’s very easy to nit pick and criticize someone else.  I’m interested in helping my readers develop their style, not in bringing down someone else’s.

What I think the average guy can take away from these types of red carpet critiques is to pull ideas from some truly exceptionally dressed people.  It’s important to remember most A-list celebrities employ a team of stylists, advisors and managers, people whose jobs are simply to make their celebrity look as good as possible.  Obviously, you or I aren’t going to be able to afford this type of personal style attention.  However, what we can do is see what the pros are advising their clients to do, and apply what we like to our own personal style.  

Shorter Guys

Guys who fall on the shorter end of the height spectrum should take their cue from Kevin Hart.  Hart has two things going on here.  On the surface, the white trim on his tuxedo creates additional vertical lines in his ensemble which adds a heightening effect.  Additionally, a suit like this with a little extra flair can give some guys that extra boost of confidence, and confidence always looks good.

Edgy Guys

For men really looking to stand out, you can always pull some pointers from those edgier celebs who are already wearing next season’s colors.  This year’s “color of fashion” was blue, specifically indigo, but Matthew McConaughey and Adrian Grenier are letting the world know that purple, eggplant if you want to be specific, will be on the shelves next year.  Every year, have a look at guys like these two to see what’s up and coming.

Trendy But Not Trendsetting Guys

As I said above, blue is this year’s fashionable color.  While navy tuxedos are not new, they are currently on a rising trend, and Matt Bomer wore his incredibly well last night.  I would expect navy and indigo to be everywhere in the next few years, and here is you opportunity to get on the train early with less fashion risk than say…eggplant (see above).

Classic Guys

I think the perfect icon of classic style these days is George Clooney, and last night was no exception.  Black tuxedo, patent leather shoes, simple cufflinks and studs helped him stand out by not standing out.  You simply cannot go wrong with this look, and Clooney shows this time and again.   Channing Tatum also showed last night that this look is not just for older guys.  These two proved last night that classic is always in style and always on point.

What celebrities do you look to for style ideas?  We would love to hear from you!  You can comment here or reach out to us on social media using TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest and Google+.


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