Style Thoughts: New Year, New Suit

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all settling into 2015 well.  We’re less than a month in, and things are very exciting here.  Our readership keeps increasing every day, and I am so thankful for all of you who are helping this blog grow.  I really hope you like what you are reading, and if you don’t please let me know so I can deliver the content you do want.

We’re still early enough into the new year that I bet you’re still working on those resolutions.  Maybe you’re prepping your resume to look for a new job and getting ready for interviews.  Are you looking to ask out that girl or guy you have a crush on?  Did the save-the-dates for wedding season start to pile up already?  Well, guess what you’re going to need for all of those situations?  A new suit.  Unfortunately, a good suit can run you a few bucks.  Now here’s the good news: Nordstrom has some great suits and accessories on sale.  I decided to take at look at what they had to offer put together an entire new outfit (suit, shirt, tie, shoes, etc.) for well under $1,000.  Now, I know that’s not chump change, but I think if you look at everything in this package, you’ll agree it’s an incredibly nice value.

First off, this suit from Peter Millar is a top-notch gray suit in a fantastic pattern that is extremely versatile.  I think the best thing about gray suits is their ability transition seamlessly from day to night.  The side vents offer that extra bit of style.  And the sale price is incredible.

The classic white “Daily Grind” shirt from Bonobos is flawless.  Bonobos is currently making some of my favorite men’s clothes right now, and you can never have enough white dress shirts.  I know from personal experience that this shirt will not let you down.

I think purple is currently an underused color, and the combination of purple and gray even more so.  However, it’s time for purple to make a resurgence.  This tie from David Donahue and these merino wool socks from Lorenzo Uomo compliment the gray suit perfectly, but are not so similar to look like you are trying to match everything perfectly.  The real key to matching colors is to pair colors in different shades, not the exact same colors.  A perfect way to pull this off is with this tie and sock combination.

I have two rules about shoes.  One, I will always pay for quality shoes.  If you take care of higher end shoes, they can last decades longer that cheap shoes, literally decades longer.  Two, I always match my belt and my shoes.  Now I don’t mean they are exactly the same color leather, I just mean my belt and shoes always look good together.  Think of this like the bookends of your outfit; if your belt or shoes are out of place, everything else just falls apart.  Brown and gray are one of those color combinations which, when you think about it sounds terrible, but, when you see them together, it just clicks.  These shoes by John W. Nordstrom and this belt from Allen Edmonds just click with the suit.

Whether you pull a few pieces from this selection or run with the entire outfit, we want to hear what you think.  Leave a comment here or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.


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