Stirling Ozark Mountain Shaving Soap Review

Stirling Stirling Ozark Mountain Shaving Soap Review

Dawn breaks over the camp while the stillness of night remains hanging in the misty air.  At the center of camp, a fire lays smoldering in the dampness, giving off just enough heat to warm some coffee.  Pine needles crack under my feet as I slowly begin the tear down.  Something about this morning is special.  Something about this morning is why I camp.  I can feel the lingering smoke of my camp fire.  I take comfort in the bed of fallen leaves blanketing the forest floor with a rotting dampness that harkens the beginning of the life cycle.  Spring will come again, but, for now, autumn rules the land.  Camp is broken.  The fire is doused.  The trail awaits…

If you had told me long ago that my shaving products could set a scene like that, I would have thought you were crazy.  Now, years into traditional wet shaving, this is what I get out of the fifteen minutes or so that I take for myself to get ready every morning.  If ever there was a shaving soap to spark an interest in all men to learn this skill, it’s Stirling Soap’s “Ozark Mountain”.  This is a soap that makes you want to shave every day.  With a woodsy, smoky, spicy, mountain-inspired fragrance, this shaving soap calls to mind my days as a Boy Scout hiking portions of the Appalachian Trail or canoeing through the Adirondack Mountains.

Misty Bluff, Ozark Mountains Misty Bluff, Ozark Mountains

Performance with this soap is magnificent as well.  The lather is incredibly easy to build, exceptionally thick, and effortlessly slick.  On top of all that, the post-shave feel is wonderful.  I really have yet to find anything I dislike about this shaving soap, and I doubt I will.

One more point I would like to make about this soap is that it’s unbelievably long-lasting.  I received my one ounce sample about five or six months ago in one of my Wet Shave Club boxes.  Despite the length of time I’ve been using this sample, I just can’t seem to find the bottom of my shaving mug.  I can’t imagine how long a full-sized puck would last.

My first foray into the world of Stirling Soap has yielded one of my favorite soaps.  I’m overwhelmed by the scent, performance, and value.  This is a fantastic shaving soap that you should definitely try.


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