Soap Commander Courage Shaving Soap Review

Just over a year ago I received a sample that changed the way I thought about shaving products, specifically aftershave balms. I’m talking about the Soap Commander “Courage” aftershave balm. Click here to go back and read my full review. That aftershave balm prompted me to check out Soaps Commander’s line of shaving soaps too. If you know me or read this blog, you know I always prefer products with matching scents, so it should be no surprise that I picked up a tub of the “Courage” shaving soap too.

Courage. I was able to find dozens of quotes about courage scattered throughout the internet, and I thought about using one or two in this post, but it seemed a little cliché. Most quotes center around the idea that fear is ever-present, and courage is perseverance in spite of that fear. If anyone knows about courage it’s the Seibert family, founders and owners of Soap Commander. You might be familiar with their brand, but maybe you haven’t heard the whole story. A little over two months ago, their son was critically injured in a head-on collision, resulting in multiple injuries, including the loss of his eyesight. The Seiberts put their business on hold, halting both manufacturing and shipping, and rallied around their son. First, as a father, I cannot begin to image the overwhelming fear and dread that must have enveloped these wonderful people. Second, as I’m sure many small business owners will confirm, placing your personal livelihood on hold must be almost as terrifying. But in spite of these fears, the Seiberts stood strong, caring for their son, placing family first, and focusing on the truly important things in life. I have had several online interactions with Soap Commander, and the Seiberts have always been some of the nicest, kindest people I’ve come across. I’m thrilled to report that Soap Commander will be re-opening for business on Wednesday, May 18th!

Now, on to the soap.

No need to bury the lead here. This is simply one of the best shaving soaps I have used. Period. I was already a fan of the scent from my prior experience with the aftershave balm, so I was confident I would enjoy the fragrance. I mostly pick up on the peppercorn and cedar over the citrus fragrance, but I generally prefer woodsy scents. So it doesn’t surprise me that that’s where my focus goes. I can tell the citrus is in there, and it may present itself stronger to a different nose. Shaving with this soap is a real joy. The over-sized tub makes loading a brush exceptionally easy, while the soap itself just explodes into lather with minimal effort. “Cushion” is the word of the day. This shaving soap provides some of the most comfortable shaves I’ve experienced. The slickness is there, don’t worry. No tugging on and pulling. But the cushion steals the show. On top of that, the post-shave feel, especially when paired with the aftershave balm, is out-of-this-world. I suspect this has much to do with the shea butter and glycerin components of Soap Commander’s recipe. Amazingly, this soap is also a fabulous value. For the price of many four-ounce soaps, Soap Commander graciously give you six-ounces instead.

From purchase to post-shave, the Soap Commander “Courage” shaving soap never disappoints, not once. I have several brands that I hold as my “gold standards” by which I judge other products for my reviews. With this soap, Soap Commander just joined that list.


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