Shave of the Day: August 9, 2016

Man, I am sorry for the long break in posts. Last week got a little crazy. The kids went down the shore for the entire week with their grandparents. While they were away, my wife and I decided to dismantle and reassemble our entire basement. We threw out any toys that were no longer useable, donated a large portion of stuffed animals to Opportunity House, and donated the rest of the toys and some games to Cradles to Crayons. Our kids had way too many toys, and all they would do is jump from one thing to the next, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. We decided the solution to this cycle of disarray followed by massive cleaning was to aggressively thin and organize their toys.

Our process was relatively simple. We pulled everything out, and I mean everything. Every toy, every game, every craft supply. Once we knew what we were dealing with, we were able to sort into trash, donate, and keep. With our toys labelled “keep” split into categories, we took a trip to The Container Store. The Smart Store bins, specifically small and medium, were perfect for keeping categories stored neatly. They also seem to encourage the kids to pick up when they’re done with each toy. They haven’t been home for more than a few days, but things seem to be going well. We also slapped on Smart Store labels for each category, helping both the kids and babysitters in the future.

Now I know this has nothing to do with shaving or grooming…or any kind of style for that matter. But I wanted to let people know where I had been, and I think this blog is also about general well-being. I cannot tell you how much better it feels to have this room clean. No more stepping on toys in the middle of the night, and hopefully I won’t have to deal with cleaning a room that looks worse than Mötley Crüe’s Vegas suite in the morning. Having this area of my life resolved has already paid dividends in stress relief, and that promotes good living.

Now, on to the shave.

At first glance, this may look like a pretty simplistic shave, but the D.R. Harris Sandalwood is far from simple. This is a glorious sandalwood scent that works all year long. It’s not overly sweet and not too creamy, but strikes a balance between the two that is unique and sophisticated. While D.R. Harris offers a Sandalwood cologne, I find the Sandalwood aftershave lasts almost all day. The shaving stick is perfect for travel too.

Brush: Semogue “Owner’s Club” Boar Shaving Brush

Shaving Soap: D.R. Harris “Sandalwood” Shaving Stick

Razor: Edwin Jagger “DE89” Safety Razor

Blade: Kai Stainless Steel Razor Blades

Post-shave: D.R. Harris “Sandalwood” Aftershave Splash


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