Shave and Groom: Knockout Shave “Black” Shaving Soap Review

Shave and Groom: Knockout Shave
Shave and Groom: Knockout Shave “Black” Shaving Soap Review

Knockout Shave soaps are another one of those discoveries made through Instagram.  I think the first soap I saw from KO Shave was the “S’More” version.  That definitely caught my eye.  You name a shaving soap after one of the most delicious things on the planet, and you absolutely have my attention.  Now, I haven’t purchased the S’More yet.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about that smell in the morning.  I’m usually more of a woods, leather and grass kind of guy.  However, after a conversation on Instagram with one of my followers, who said it smells so good that he has to keep it up high away from the dog.  He also assured me that he was hesitant too, but now it was his go-to shaving soap.

But this is a review of the Knockout Shave “Black” shaving soap, not the “S’More”.  Anyway, the first thing I do when I want to look into a new soap is head over to the manufacturer’s website (if they have one) or reach out to them on social media.  I have found one of the truly great things about most artisans is they are almost always willing to talk about their products.  Knockout Shave has been no exception.  Always friendly and very proud of their products (for good reason).  When I reached Knockout Shave’s website, I found exactly what I wanted.  Tallow, stearic acid, coconut oil and glycerin.  Even with a few other ingredients, “Black” has very small ingredient list.  I always look for a short ingredient list (no additives) with a few specific items.  Tallow is usually my first, and coconut oil is something I have newly discovered that I love in a shaving soap, thanks to Barberry Coast (you can read my review here).

KO Shave “Black” has some nice sweet fruit and woodsy notes on the soap.  It might seem like an odd combination, but it has a certain tropical and relaxing fragrance that I really enjoy.  While some might say this is a great fragrance for any time of year except winter, I love being able to close my eyes and pretend I’m on a beach with a drink in hand when it’s below freezing out.  The fragrance it a little tight on the soap itself, but really shines through in the lather.  Don’t be fooled by just smelling the soap in the tin.  In use is where this soap is at its best.  The lather is exceptional too.  I’ve bought soaps or creams from at least seven or eight manufacturers in the last month.  This is one of the best.  The soap is so smooth and slick, my blades just glide across my face.  The cushion is there too.  Just so comfortable.  This is an exceptional soap, and as the warmer months are just around the corner, this is a scent you’re going to want in your shave den.

Let me know any artisan soaps that you have discovered!  I’m always looking for new things to review.


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