Shave and Groom: Fine “Clean Vetiver” Aftershave Review

Shave and Groom: Fine
Shave and Groom: Fine “Clean Vetiver” Aftershave Review

When I first started shaving with a safety razor years ago, I would finish every shave with an alum block, choosing to skip the aftershave.  This was partially for simplicity’s sake, but I had two other main reasons for doing this.  One, I was low on the learning curve which meant nicks and weepers.  The alum block helped them close up quickly allowing me to show my face in public.  Secondly, I usually wear cologne, so I mistakenly thought that I didn’t need aftershave because I was already using a fragrance.  Unfortunately, I missed the point of using an aftershave.  Lucky for me, Todd Cerami from Fine Accoutrements is here to help.

Recently I had been seeing “Shave of the Day” (SOTD) pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook featuring the Mr. Fine “American Blend” Aftershave as part of the daily shaving routine for men.  The signature red, white and blue label is eye-catching and drove me to find out more about this brand, as well as try some for myself.  Once I got to their website, I noticed something quite peculiar.  Mr. Fine carries two varieties of vetiver aftershave.  One called “Fresh Vetiver” and another named “Clean Vetiver”.  If the popularity of these aftershaves had drawn me in, the vetivers had me hooked.  I love vetiver colognes.  I think they’re suitable year-round, and always get a few comments.  The two vetiver colognes that I wear most often are Guerlain and Creed.  That being said, vetiver is an extremely complex scent, and vetiver colognes vary widely amongst fragrance houses.  So, I immediately wondered what Fine Accoutrements’ take on each vetiver was.  I was thrilled when I read the FAQs discovering that Fine was very open and honest about the classic colognes their aftershaves are based on, and, lo and behold, the “Clean Vetiver” is based on Guerlain!

Well, I immediately purchased the “Clean Vetiver”, and am thrilled with the performance.  The beauty is in the simplicity.  With only four ingredients (alcohol, water, fragrance and menthol) the aftershave is refreshing, healing, and soothing; exactly what an aftershave should be.  The bonus is the exquisite scent.  The “Clean Vetiver” pairs perfectly with my Guerlain Vetiver.  It’s smoky, earthy and grassy.  Everyone loves it, and if I only want a little fragrance, the aftershave stands up very well on its own.

Fine Accoutrements has re-taught me aftershaves are about skincare, fragrance and finishing off a great shave with style.  Fine carries a total of seven aftershaves, and I can assure you I will be purchasing all of them in the coming months.  I suggest you do the same.  These are excellent aftershaves sold for an incredible price.  I’m sure Fine Accoutrements gets suggestions all the time on what aftershaves to make next, but I would still like to mention two.  I would like to see new aftershaves based on Green Irish Tweed by Creed and a Bay Rum aftershave.

What products are your newest discoveries?  Share the knowledge here so others can try what you’ve found!  Comment here of reach out on Twitter and Facebook.


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