Outfit Inspiration: Three Styles, Three Winter Coats

It’s that time of year. The dregs of winter have rolled in. The holidays have passed, the New Year has come and gone, and all we can do now is hibernate in our burrows until April. Unless, of course, we have a killer winter coat to help us brave the elements. Most people don’t have the luxury of jetting off to some warm island for the next few months. We have to go outside, and I don’t know about you, but I want to be warm AND look sharp when I do.

Today’s post takes a look at a few different winter coat options. I’ve pulled together an outfit to go with each too. The important thing I try to remember when building an outfit incorporating a winter jacket is that I will most likely take the coat off at some point. For this reason, I try to make sure my clothes underneath can stand alone without the added layer of a jacket.

Formal Overcoat

I think this is the easiest look to let my outfit stand by itself. A suit by its own nature needs no extra layers. The combination of a shirt, tie and suit jacket provide the perfect framing for my face. That’s what a suit was designed to do. I also fell in love with this new suit when I was putting this outfit together. I just love the shade of blue and that windowpane pattern!

Overcoat: Charles Tyrwhitt  //  Suit: Brooks Brothers  //  Shirt: T.M. Lewin

Tie: Arcieri  //  Belt: Allen Edmonds  //  Boots: Frye  //  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Toggle Duffel Coat

This is probably the most aggressive look of the three. But I think brown, gray, and red can look really nice together. I also like the combination of textures between suede, corduroy, and wool. This give the outfit a very warm feel even when simply looking at it. If you’re not a fan of the duffel coat, this outfit would work well with a navy pea coat too.

Duffel Coat: Anrealage  //  Pants: J. Crew  //  Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Sweater: Brooks Brothers  //  Shoes: John W. Nordstrom  //  Socks: Corgi

Belt: Canali  //  Sunglasses: Persol

Heavy Parka

Chances are, if I’m wearing a parka, I’m outside in some pretty frigid temps. To me that means jeans, sweater, boots, thick socks, etc. Throw in an oxford shirt, and the layering is done. This is a simple, but effective look that I wear with some regularity.

Parka: Woolrich  //  Jeans: J. Crew  //  Shirt: Twillory

Sweater: Bonobos  //  Boots: L.L. Bean  //  Socks: Filson

Belt: J. Crew  //  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban