OOTD: What I Wore for St. Patrick’s Day

I had a great St. Patrick’s Day post planned for last week that was completely thrown off by Stella. The kids were home for days on end, and I just wasn’t able to get it pulled together. I probably should have. I’m still struggling with getting out as many posts as I’d like. But I guess this is all part of the writing process. What I can do is take a look at what I wore on St. Patrick’s Day and share that with you.

OOTD: What I Wore for St. Patrick's Day OOTD: What I Wore for St. Patrick’s Day

I’m not one for dressing in a solid wall of green or goofy hats or “Kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirts. I like my green subtle. I think an interesting take is to make green part of the outfit, not the entirety of the outfit. As an added bonus, this allows me to re-wear these clothes throughout the year, and not just on one or two specific days.

Some might say this this outfit isn’t that fun or ideal for a bar crawl, but those days are behind me. As the father of two small kids, I have zero interest in waking up on a Saturday morning with a raging hangover. Have you ever tried watching kids after a night of drinking? It’s arduous and not something I want to do ever again.

Sweater: J. Crew  //  Shirt: Brooks Brothers  //  Jeans: J. Crew

Watch: Bulova  //  Shoes: Herring  //  Socks: Corgi