OCBD Shirts, 70s Style, and Manscaping

OCBD Shirts, 70s Style, and Manscaping
OCBD Shirts, 70s Style, and Manscaping

August. August! How is it already August? This summer is flying by. I mean, we took our son to get some school supplies already. Never mind that he’s only starting kindergarten, it was simply exciting for him to go to Staples (remember those days?). Pretty sure both kids will be gone for full days during the week. I wonder how much writing I can get done then?

This week’s readings have some pretty varied topics. From white tailoring to skincare to realistic fitness, and one extra special post from celebrity stylist Ashley P. Weston, I think you’ll enjoy this week’s selections.

Megan nails how to pull of that retro style.

I love this simple, reasonable approach to fitness from Mr. Porter.

Fascinating tips from The Rake on how to wear white.

I’m digging the pattern on this new T.M. Lewin jacket!

Skincare is crucial, even if most men don’t want to talk about it. I’m glad Sharpologist is.

I’ve been on the hunt for a silver and brown dress watch, and these from Shinola and Junghans are definitely in the running.

I typically associate polos with casual wear, but Andrew has done a really nice job here of giving some dressier options for those polos in your closet.

Todd Snyder is running an end of season sale. This polo shirt and this jacket are my two favs so far.

Big shoutout to Ashley for answering the questions no one wants to ask, but everyone wants answered.

Looking for a top of the line badger brush? Look no further. And it’s on sale!

Want a quick rundown of all the summer fabrics? Adam has it all right here.

I was really excited to hear about J. Crew’s new OCBDs. I hoped they could deliver. Put This On took a look.

However, these OCDBs are my personal favorite.

This J. Crew shirt on the other hand…I love!

As I get on in my years, I’ll have to start following this advice from The Art of Manliness.