Music City Suds Cedarwood Road Shaving Soap and Aftershave Review

Music City Suds Cedarwood Road Shaving Soap and Aftershave Review Music City Suds Cedarwood Road Shaving Soap and Aftershave Review

I’m not really sure how I came by these samples from Music City Suds, but I’ve been shaving with them for a while and I figured it was high time I wrote a review. These samples are a little older, so the first thing I did was confirm with Music City Suds that the “Cedarwood Road” products are the same as the previously named “Cedarwood” shaving soap and aftershave. Based in Nashville, TN, this aptly named soapmaker has even produced products for the CMA and CMT Awards’ “swag bags”.

Right off the top, what I really appreciate about this shaving soap and aftershave are the simple, clean ingredients. I’ve come to recognize the inherent benefits of of quality ingredients in my time writing this blog. Additionally, for my own skin less tends to be better, so I lean towards products with short ingredient lists.


This smoky cedar scent is ideal for summer into fall. It reminds me of campfires and summer camp. I think this a wonderful casual scent, perfect for weekends and summer barbecues. The aftershave typically lasts about three hours on my skin, which is pretty good for an aftershave splash.


This shaving soap loads and lathers very easily. If fact, lather builds more easily than I expected a non-tallow soap. Building my lather with this soap is pretty straightforward, and it doesn’t require too much or too little water.


Gliding smoothly, this shaving soap is very slick. The cushion is a little thin, but that doesn’t affect the performance, just the comfort slightly. It was almost like I could feel every hair being cut. It wasn’t pain, simply awareness of the cutting. The post-shave feel for both the shaving soap and the aftershave is outstanding. My skin feels incredible, and it’s probably my favorite feature of these two products.


I definitely recommend both the “Cedarwood Road” shaving soap and aftershave by Music City Suds. They have a wonderful casual fragrance, great performance, and exceptional skin-friendly ingredients.