Montblanc Legend Spirit Cologne Review

Montblanc Montblanc “Legend Spirit” Cologne Review

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend (if that’s your thing)! Our house seemed like an insane asylum this past week. The kids were both home during Spring Break. We were busy getting ready for Easter brunch at my wife’s parents’ house. And our son’s fourth birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year too! So, I hope you’ll forgive me for taking last week off from writing. Fortunately, I didn’t take the week off from testing products. When Montblanc reached out to me to test their newest men’s cologne release, Legend Spirit, you can be sure I wasn’t about to turn down that opportunity.

Several years ago, my wife gave me a classic Montblanc Starwalker pen. Once that Pandora’s Box was opened, closing it was not an options. I discovered Montblanc’s timelessly stylish jewelry and accessories. Two years ago, I was able to return the experience by giving my wife a beautiful pen which had a design inspired by the magnificent Grace Kelly. To me, Montblanc is a brand that possesses that rare ability to push the style envelope while, at the same time, remain grounded in key elements that will never fall out of favor. With it’s new EDT release, Legend Spirit, Montblanc continues that tradition.

This cologne opens up with, what I would call, a white grape fragrance. The top notes are listed as pink pepper, grapefruit, and bergamot. It’s a sweet and slightly tart opening, but not overpowering. I found it quite refreshing in the morning. Somewhere around an hour in, Legend Spirit settles into a fantastic floral and herbal daytime cologne with a heavy emphasis on lavender. I’ve written about loss and return of florals in men’s fragrances before, and I was excited to see some incorporated here. Towards the afternoon, at least six hours later, I would find the fragrance settling into a smooth, comfortable woodsy setting. What I really liked about this cologne is that it seemed to move through my day with me. From its vibrant start, to a long-lasting middle suitable for the office or weekends, and ending with the more sensuous but still light base, Legend Spirit is an EDT that I can spray on in the morning and let it follow me all day long.

Montblanc has created a wonderful balance of sweetness, florals, and woods all while keeping the fragrance masculine. This is mainly a daytime cologne, but the soft woods will carry you into a summer night without any trouble. I will be wearing this one spring, summer, and into fall.


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Disclaimer: Montblanc provided the product for my review. I was not compensated. The comments and opinions are my own.