Men’s Underwear She Actually Wants You to Wear

I spent the better part of last week asking my female blogger friends what type of men’s underwear they like. Yep, it was uncomfortable as it sounds. But I figured with Valentine’s Day fast approaching (this Wednesday!) that it might not be a bad idea to get some answers. I know that, for me, my confidence in the bedroom is directly linked to my partner’s attraction to me. I know that’s probably not the healthiest mental self-image and borderline codependent, but that’s just how my brain works. So, I want to look as good as I can, and certainly not present myself as unappealing when the romance starts.

I discovered two important pieces of information this past week during my research. First, women actually think much less about your underwear than you probably think about theirs. Almost everyone I asked had to think before they answered. I would be willing to bet that if someone asked you what your favorite type of women’s underwear is, you could answer much quicker. I consider this good news for me. Stop putting so much thought into it. Second, almost every woman also had the same answer once they gave it some thought: boxer-briefs. One, however, did say boxers. When pressed a little more to make a distinction between longer boxer-briefs and shorter trunks, the split was about 50-50.

My Favorite Men’s Underwear

So what should you wear? First of all, skip the briefs. Not one woman said her preferred men’s underwear were “tighty-whities”, and I concur. I just don’t think they’re as flattering as some other types. Now, as to the remaining three (trunks, boxer-briefs, boxers), my personal opinion is that it depends on your body composition.  As you probably know, I’m a big proponent of dressing for your body, not the not style of the moment. If you’re really fit and have a flat stomach, I think trunks are the way to go. Like skipping a belt on a custom suit, trunks minimize the break in the line of your body and show off those gains. For the average guy, a pair of longer boxer-briefs definitely fit the bill. They’re comfortable, flattering, and a quality pair won’t bunch up on you. If you’re carrying some extra weight, boxers re the way to go. Like a double-breasted suit, the extra fabric will compliment your build, and the free-flowing fabric allows for some breathability minimizing excess sweat.

Look, I know discussing this isn’t something guys usually talk about with each other. (You should try doing it with women sometime!) However, all women will tell you that confidence is key, and that doesn’t change whether your clothes are on or off. Feeling your best about how I look, is the kind of boost I could use on Valentine’s Day.