Men’s Fall Style Essentials for 2017

If the weather ever starts acting like fall around here, I can actually break out some of my fall clothes like my duck boots and waxed cotton jacket. I mean, it’s felt like summer all week here with temperatures in the 80s. That’s very strange for Philadelphia this time of year. But the weather is eventually going to change, so I thought it was the perfect time to run down my list of men’s fall style essentials.

I think what I love most about fall fashion is the functionality. Winter is cold, summer is hot, spring is wet. But fall? Fall can be all three. We need clothes that can face all three and adapt as the day changes. Consequently, this means waterproof outer layers, breathable layering pieces, tough footwear, and a few accessories to pull it all together. I also am really into the versatility of fall clothes. Want to wear jeans and a tweed jacket? Cool. How about some corduroy trousers and a denim jacket? Perfect. Mixing and matching is most easily done during autumn. Try rocking a blazer with a pair of shorts, and you might get a few looks. But put together blend of casual and formal in fall, and you’re good to go! The key is to keep textures similar. Rougher fabrics like denim, tweed, and corduroy, or softer fabrics like flannel, worsted wool, or cashmere play nicely together.

Below, I’ve tried to pull together a selection of items that will all work well together when mixed. Finally, I’d love to keep the conversation going below. Let me know what you think I missed or what some of your favorite things to wear in fall are.

Men’s Fall Style Essentials

Men's Fall Style Essentials 2017
Men’s Fall Style Essentials 2017

Leather Jacket  //  Tattersall Shirt  //  Fragrance  //  Jeans

Gray Suit  //  Brown Jacket  //  Scarf  //  Brogues

Moisturizer  //  Herringbone Shirt  //  Waxed Cotton Jacket  //  Cable Knit Sweater

Wool Tie  //  Corduroy Trousers  //  Sunglasses

Boots  //  Oxford Shirt  //  Harris Tweed Jacket