Lebelle Soaps Milione Shaving Soap Review

I’m still recovering from my “late night” viewing of Mad Men.  Oh, I know 11:30 isn’t late, but 5:00 am comes early, and I still needed time after the show to get my thoughts down for my post yesterday.  I didn’t write the article that night, but I did finalize my list.  I had been pulling it together for weeks now, but I wanted to see how the series finished before publishing.  

Back in February, I wrote a review of the Lebelle Soaps “Spice Bombardier” shaving soap in which I mentioned a forthcoming review of their “Milione” shaving soap.  I had expressed my interest in waiting until the weather warmed up for my review, believing that the fragrance notes that I picked up in the shaving soap are best suited for the warm weather months.  While the cologne that is the basis for “Milione” is highly regarded as a winter cologne, I stand by my nose.  I gets tons of fruit and florals in this soap.  The strongest scents for me are citrus, melon and spice.  Now, I know there are no melon fragrances in this soap, but that’s what I pick up.  Fragrance-wise, this soap has everything you want in a summer soap.  Light, but complex, the scent won’t overpower you, but elevates you with freshness.

Like the Spice Bombardier, this soap is a top performer.  I have found the best way to lather this soap is with a softer bristled brush holding a lot of water.  You might have a few drips of suds to start you lather building, but, trust me, get that brush going for around forty-five seconds, and you will have a cushioning and slick protectorate on your face ready to go.  I have to say, though, that my favorite feature of this soap is the post-shave-feel.  My face feels moisturized, protected in a way that not many soaps have left me feeling.  This is, by far, one of most “face-friendly” soaps I have tried.

Whether you think “Milione” is a warm-weather or cold-weather soaps, the choice is yours.  Nevertheless, as it’s a highly recommended product, I don’t think you will regret the purchase either way.


Tailor & Barber