Labor Day Sales, Ferraris, and Shoe Polish

Labor Day Sales, Ferraris, and Shoe Polish
Labor Day Sales, Ferraris, and Shoe Polish

How is it already Labor Day Weekend?! I swear, as I get older, each year seems to fly by faster and faster. Gone are the days when a week seemed like an eternity just to get to the dance on Saturday night. I need to focus more attention on appreciating every day as its own experience. I think finding appreciation in as many things as possible can help time slow down a bit. Each day brings its own unique challenges and rewards. I have to get better at recognizing them as each day progresses. But I digress…

I wasn’t going to put up a Weekend Reading Post this week. I haven’t written in a minute (I do have three posts coming next week!). But I realized I had a good stash of interesting articles to share, and there a quite a few fantastic Labor Day sales going on that I wanted to clue everyone into as well. So with all that in mind, let’s get started.


Brooks Brothers is running a suit clearance. This is the time to grab a great suit for an outstanding price. My two personal favorites are this two-piece and this three-piece.

West Coast Shaving is offering 12% off all Merkur and Dovo products (no code needed). You can also get a free sample pack of their new shave soaps when you spend over $50 and use the code EARLYGIFT. I may have to grab a new open comb razor.

T.M. Lewin is discounting 20% of everything with the code LABOR20. Make sure you check out this Italian wool jacket.

Allen Edmonds is featuring a sale on their woven loafers and boat shoes. Now is the time to grab a pair like these for next summer!


I loved this breakdown from my favorite coffee roaster.

Great analysis here from HSS on a really nice cigar.

Better go out and check your garages.

What do you think, is Moss Bros. missing anything on this list?

As someone who’s worn contacts for years, I never thought about this.

Ever wonder what women really think about guys losing their hair?

I love the suit in this post, but it’s also just shot so beautifully.

Wax or cream, what’s the difference?

While what makes you feel comfortable is subjective, comfort is definitely king.

I’ve been a fan of Luke Evans for a while now, and this profile absolutely nails his style.