Jewelry Gifts for Men? Yes!

Jewelry Gifts for Men? Yes! Jewelry Gifts for Men? Yes!

The holiday season is usually the time of year when men break out gifts in the form of little, velvet boxes.  This is almost always a fantastic idea.  To echo some advice I recently heard on the Style Girlfriend podcast, the only exception would be if you have been dating someone over a year or two.  In that case, avoid giving any gifts in a small jewelry box unless it contains a ring.  So, aside from that one situation, jewelry makes a great gift for for the lady in your life.  But what about you?  Sometimes guys want to wear something with a little flash too.  I’ve put together a few great ways to add a little jewelry to your repertoire this Holiday Season.  Or even better, share this article with anyone who’s looking to buy something for you.

There’s a real beauty in experimenting with your style during the holidays.  If anyone gives you a little grief for trying something new, you can always brush it off by saying you got a gift and wanted to try it out.  If the change to your style doesn’t work, simply stop whatever you were trying.  If you like the change, keep it, and the longer you keep it the more it becomes part of your style.


I think one of the easiest and, still, sharpest ways to start rocking a little jewelry is to throw on a french-cuffed shirt and pop on a pair of killer cufflinks.  I’ve mentioned Auburn Jewelry before, but, seriously folks, you need to pay attention to this company.  From appearances at Bloomingdale’s to mentions on Good Day LA, Samantha Levine and her hand-crafted brand are taking off.  My favorite piece from her newest collection are these T-Rex cufflinks.  Just awesome!  Samantha can also make a custom set of links, inspired by your own specific interests.  Maybe a safety razor set?


I’ll admit it.  Bracelets are tough.  It’s an intimidating leap going from sporting cufflinks to rocking a bracelet.  I think the easiest way to make the transition is to start off with something casual.  Metal bracelets (gold, silver, etc.) draw some attention.  If you’re not prepared to handle that attention, you’re not going to feel comfortable.  For all that’s said about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, style is a place where you should feel comfortable.  I’m a big fan of Miansai bracelets.  There are quite a few brands out there now making nautical themed bracelets like this one, but I think Miansai does it better than anyone.


If I had my way, I’d pick up a Patek Philippe and call it a day on watches.  However, I don’t think that’s going to happen.  Of course, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to add a little style to your time piece.  Fossil is a resurgent brand releasing some killer affordable watches lately.  I think if you told people you only paid $115 for this one, they would never believe you.  One of my favorite new watch brands is Daniel Wellington.  These watches jump from casual to dressy with a quick change of the band.  Just so easy and perfect for every occasion.  If you’re willing to spend a little more, take a look at Shinola.  Shinola are the perfect watches to make a statement with your wrist instead of your bank account.

Incorporating a little jewelry into your style might seem daunting, intimidating, or difficult.  The truth is that with one or two quick pieces over the holidays (hopefully given to you!), you can start to incorporate a little jewelry in your daily outfits.


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