How to Style a Puffer Vest Three Different Ways

Fall is definitely rolling in now. The leaves are showing off their colors while floating to their final resting places. Temperatures are only rising to the 60s during the day. And all those style bloggers are publishing posts on apple picking. But we’re not freezing yet. There is no frost on the ground come sun-up. My neighbors had a fire the other night. It smelled amazing, but it’s still a little too early for me (and I love a good fire). This is, however, perfect puffer vest weather.

I think one of the more challenging things about wearing a puffer vest is exploring its versatility. Most of us are used to seeing it worn in a pretty traditional, casual manner. But can it be styled more formally? Is a puffer vest work-appropriate? I think so. So, today I decided to take a look at three different options all utilizing an autumnally awesome puffer vest.


We can’t talk about styling a puffer vest without including this look. You will be prepared prepared for any weekend activity. From tailgating, to yard work, to, yes, even the dreaded pumpkin patch hayride. This look will carry you through all of fall too. Button up your vest for some added warmth, unbutton to cool off. Don’t forget to adjust the thickness of your flannel too depending on the temperature.

Vest: Patagonia  //  Boots: Red Wing  //  Shirt: Bonobos

Jeans: Brooks Brothers  //  Belt: Jean Shop  //  Socks: Dickies

Business Casual

This is probably the trickiest look of the three to pull together. The difficulty comes in wanting the outfit to look complete whether you’re wearing the vest or not. That’s why I suggest the three layer look. Multiple layers helps keep the look professional with or without the vest. One additional note, corduroy pants generally fall on the casual end of the spectrum. If you would like to increase the formality, just swap the cords for some heavier twill pants or wool trousers.

Vest: Thaddeus  //  Cords: Polo Ralph Lauren  //  Shirt: John W. Nordstrom

Sweater: J. Crew  //  Shoes: Allen Edmonds  //  Socks: Falke  //  Belt: Magnanni


I’ve seen this look worn with the vest on both the inside and the outside of the suit jacket. Personally, I prefer the look with the vest on the inside. I think of it sort of like a separate waistcoat, but warmer. However, the vest still needs to be thin for this to work correctly. That’s why I like the body warmers from Suitsupply. They’re also made from wool, so they will match your suit better too.

Vest: Suitsupply  //  Suit: Brooks Brothers  //  Shirt: Twillory

Tie: Hermés  //  Belt: Magnanni  //  Boots: To Boot New York  //  Socks: Pantherella