Holiday Special: Traveling with Safety Razors

With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us will be travelling in the coming months.  One of the small challenges I have found using a safety razor and traditional shaving products is travelling.  Typically, traditional shaving requires a few more products than just a disposable cartridge and a can of shaving cream, and double-edged razor blades are not allowed in carry-on bags.  These two problems can cause a little difficulty when packing and flying.  Of course you can always check everything, but who likes paying those bag fees when they can be avoided?  And what happens if your luggage gets lost?  I have been on the receiving end of lost luggage enough times to always try to pack my toiletries in a carry-on, so even if I don’t have fresh clothes, I won’t smell like it.  Hopefully these few suggestions will make your trips a little easier and your holidays a little more enjoyable.

1. Samples Packs

Samples packages are probably the best way to travel with shaving cream or shaving soap.  Some great companies offer samples of most of their creams and soaps.  The beauty is that you can use these as travel sizes too.  Here are a couple options to choose from.

Barrister and Mann sold through Maggard Razors *Top Recommendation*

D.R. Harris *Price Conscious*

Taylor of Old Bond Street

Truefitt & Hill

Geo. F. Trumper

2. Shaving Sticks

Shaving sticks are another wonderful way to shave while travelling.  Think of a shaving stick like shaving soap with a face applicator.  You simply dampen your face, rub the shaving stick on your face and then use your brush to build the lather right on your face.  Personally, I am a face-latherer anyway, so this is pretty easy for me, but it’s also super simple and can save anyone annoyances when travelling.  Some of the best shaving sticks can be found below.

La Toja *Top Recommendation*


Arko *Price Conscious*


3. Alum Block

I think it is important to accept that you will not have access to your full, normal shaving routine while travelling.  I like to pack light and avoid bulk when I can.  I highly recommend ditching the aftershave on trips, even if you’re not flying.  The glass bottles are heavy, they may be over the size limit and it’s just one more thing to pack and unpack.  A great substitute for aftershaves is an alum block.  Not only is an alum block light, it is also solid and there are no issues with airport security.  For travelling I recommend the Razorock Alum Block for travelling because it comes with an extremely convenient plastic case.  Joseph and Michael at Razorock makes some excellent products, and this is just another example.

4. Cologne

I like wearing cologne or aftershave every day.  I think having a little fragrance is a stupendous way to stand out from the crowd.  Of course, as I have mentioned before, less is more, and please make sure you do not use too much!  The trouble here is the same as with aftershaves: glass bottles, liquid volume limits, etc.  Fortunately, is here to help!  Fragrancenet has been in business online for almost twenty years and carries a huge selection of perfumes and colognes.  And I mean HUGE!  Additionally, they offer samples of many of their colognes for just a few dollars.  Just like shaving creams and soaps, these samples are perfect for travelling.  Just throw one or two in your dopp kit, and you will have enough cologne for a couple of weeks.

5. Shaving Brush

Now you could pay for a decent travel brush with a carrying case, which would run you around forty dollars, and have no issues.  Instead, though, I would suggest buying a Semogue 1305 or Omega 11049 boar brush and pop it into an empty toilet paper tube.  You end up with a fantastic brush to use when you aren’t travelling and save a little money.  Win-win.

6. Razor Blades

Okay, so I saved the trickiest part for last.  Double-edged razor blades pose a bit of a challenge when travelling.  You certainly cannot carry them on a plane, if you want to avoid checking your bags, then you can’t bring them and, if you do check your bags, and your luggage is lost, then you cannot shave.  So, how do you get your blades to your destination.  I came up with two other options.  My preferred method is shipping them.  You could easily mail a five pack of razor blades anywhere domestically for cheap.  Although, I have found an even easier method.  Why ship the blades when you can let someone else handle it for you?  I love my Amazon Prime membership.  Seriously.  For ninety-nine dollars a year, I get free two-day shipping, streaming of movies and TV shows, streaming music and cloud photo storage.  You might be asking how that helps you here.  Well, who says the free two-day shipping has to go to your house?  Just send some razor blades (and maybe a few other samples) to your destination.  You will have to send them back to your house yourself, but that’s still cheaper than checking a bag. Additionally, if you are sending them to a place you visit frequently, just leave them there for next time.  My second option is to buy the blades once you reach your destination.  This could be a little tricky when travelling in the US, because American drug stores tend to offer a lot more cartridge razor options compared to DE razor blades, but this might be a better option when travelling internationally.  Also, Amazon Prime shipping does not cover international shipping (although global shipping is free to Singapore and Mexico on orders over $125).  Either method might seem a little tricky, but if you can avoid the hassle of checking your bags solely for a couple of razor blades, it just might be worth it.

Travelling during the holidays can be difficult enough without the hassle of dealing with checked bags and packing your entire shaving kit.  While these suggestions are geared towards airlines, you could employ them in any travel situations.  With a little forethought and creativity, you have can still have fantastic shaves no matter where your festivities take you.  And whatever you do and wherever you go, have a happy, healthy and joyous holiday season.

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