Herban Cowboy Dusk Aftershave Balm Review

Sometimes I buy a new wet shaving product, either for my personal use or for a product review, and it gets lost in my shaving cabinet. Have you seen some of my pictures of my shaving cabinet? It’s overcrowded and not very well organized, to say the least. One of the products that stayed hidden for a little while was a tube of Herban Cowboy “Dusk” aftershave balm. I re-discovered this aftershave balm when I was digging around recently, and figured there was no better time to take this for a few shaves and put together another review.

Herban Cowboy Aftershave Balm Herban Cowboy Aftershave Balm


Any conversation of Herban Cowboy products must include a mention of their ingredients. Herban Cowboy prides itself on being vegan and certified organic. And at the relatively inexpensive price tag, having vegan and organic ingredients is truly remarkable. I love the fact that this company is as Earth-conscious as they are, but to some of you that might not matter. So what do these ingredients mean for you? Well, they’re extremely clean and gentle which means they won’t irritate your skin or lead to blemishes.


Herban Cowboy’s ingredients aren’t the only components of their products that are environmentally focused. Their packaging is entirely recyclable, eliminating pollution and waste. Additionally, I found the tube to excel at dispensing without ever overpouring. The packaging as a whole is very clean and very easy to maintain.

Herban Cowboy Dusk Aftershave Balm with Merkur 34C for scale Herban Cowboy Dusk Aftershave Balm with Merkur 34C for scale


If you follow this blog regularly, you know that I prefer strong fragrances in my wet shaving products. Unfortunately, the Herban Cowboy “Dusk” fragrance is very light in the aftershave balm. Aftershave balms in general have lighter fragrances than aftershave splashes, and this balm’s fragrance falls on the light side of other aftershave balms. It’s pretty easy to say this was not my favorite characteristic.


The performance of this aftershave balm is outstanding. It has zero greasy residue and absorbs quickly. Almost unbelievably, this balm is extremely moisturizing too. It has an incredible post shave quality leaving my face supple, healed, and protected. I think this balm might be ideally suited for cold weather shaving, but I’ll be sure to try it this summer too.


As long as fragrance isn’t your most important requirement in an aftershave balm (which it shouldn’t be), I definitely recommend the Herban Cowboy “Dusk” aftershave balm. The price, the quality of both the ingredients and packaging, and the wonderful skin-nourishing properties will make this a welcome addition to your shaving cabinet. Hopefully, it’s less cluttered than mine.