Harry Dean Stanton, Taylor of Old Bond St., and Girlbosses

I haven’t had a week fly by this fast in years. This was the kids’ first week back in school for a full week. The each had soccer practice last Saturday and then one on Monday night and the other one on Tuesday night. We had other activities Wednesday and Thursday nights. And now we’re back to soccer practice on Saturday morning for both of them. I feel like we’re barrelling into the weekend only to start the whole thing all over again. Look for me do as little as possible on Sunday.

One thing I will be doing this Sunday is watching the Singapore Grand Prix. I think this is a great race to watch. It’s a street course. It’s unbearably hot during the race. It’s at night. It’s a long race. If you want to know why these drivers are top athletes, check this race out. Temperatures run in the 80s with 70% humidity, and it’s even hotter for these drivers sitting on an engine. They can lose over five pounds just during the course of the race.

As I’m writing this post, I just heard of the passing of Harry Dean Stanton. A character actor for decades, he turned up in so many movies that I love. I’ll probably throw on at least one of them this weekend too. If you’re not familiar with his work, or just want to watch a great movie check out Red Dawn, Hoosiers, Alien, Pretty in Pink, or Escape from New York.


There are only a couple sales going on this week that I found interesting, but they’re pretty exceptional.

West Coast Shaving is offering 15% off all Taylor of Old Bond Street products! If you’re unfamiliar with TOBS, this is an old English barbershop brand that’s considered the most affordable of the 3 Ts (Truefitt, Trumper, and Taylor). This sale makes these products even more affordable. Definitely check out the Sandalwood shaving soap and the Grapefruit shaving cream.

T.M. Lewin is taking 20% off their Italian cloth suit with the code TAILOR20 this weekend! These suits are some wonderful entry-level half-canvassed suits, and this promo only sweetens the deal. You can never go wrong with a classic navy suit. And this micro check Zegna cloth suit is fantastic.


I went a little deep on soap vs. body wash this week. Here are two good articles I found. One from GQ, and one from BirchboxMan.

I respect the HSS team for not letting free product sway their opinion on this review.

You don’t need to be a girlboss to incorporate every single one of these habits from Stephanie into your life.

Here’s an incredibly ambitious reading list. Better get started.