Gift Guide: For Her

Ok, this is the gift guide I’ve been putting off the longest. And as i’m writing it now, i can see why. Shopping for women is tough. It’s pretty easy for me to go through things that I would like to have for myself and package them up in gift guides for men and hit “publish”. But shopping for the women in my life? That’s where i run into trouble. As with any gift, I’m hopeful the recipient will appreciate it, and ACTUALLY LIKE IT. But I put even more stress on myself when shopping for women. There’s almost some feeling of personal rejection that I wrap up in the rejection of my gift. (That’s probably an issue I need to work out for myself).I figured if I always have trouble with this, other guys must too. This prompted me to put together some of my own picks to see if I could help.

I think staying away from clothes or shoes is a pretty safe bet, unless you are extremely confident in your ability to pick something perfect. And please don’t make the mistake of picking the wrong size. Too small, and that would give anyone a personal pity party. Too large, and, well, you’re just asking for trouble there. Personally, I like to stick to things in line with her interests. Maybe she has a favorite artist or author. Perhaps she’s been talking about a new jewelry designer. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra listening. Just please don’t do what my father did one year and give my mother a blender. Seriously. He actually did that. It wasn’t a sit-com. All hell broke loose that day.

Fringe Studio Planner  //  Montblanc Pen  //  Hanky Panky Thongs  //  Creed Fleurissimo Perfume  //  Gray Malin iPhone Case  //  Auburn Jewelry Monogram Pendant  //  Ray-Ban Aviators  //  Kendra Scott Stud Earrings  //  Daniel Wellington Watch  //  Monica Vinader Bangle  //  Wary Meyers Candle  //  Taschen Books Audrey Hepburn Photographs

And if you can’t find anything here and she hasn’t been dropping any hints, go check out Grace Atwood’s blog, The Stripe. She has a ton of gift guides with great ideas!