Foster and Lake Shave Answers Shaving Oil Review

Foster and Lake Shave Answers Shaving Oil Review
Foster and Lake Shave Answers Shaving Oil Review

While the men’s grooming portion of this blog typically focuses on traditional wet shaving with a safety razor, today’s post is a slight tangent from the norm. When Foster and Lake reached out to me to try their new Shave Answers shaving oil, I was immediately intrigued. If you’re like me you spend a decent amount of time watching shaving related content online: how to shave videos, tutorials, etc. Sometimes, I’ll stumble across a video of a barbershop using shaving oil, and it’s particularly fascinating. Having no real experience using a shave oil, I decided to give Shave Answers a try.

To better understand how best to use this product, Let’s start with what I did wrong the first few times I used this shaving oil.

What I Did Wrong

  1. I used too much. You don’t need much for this shaving oil to be effective. I had the best results further in my testing when I used less product. Keep in mind that Foster and Lake offer three hundred shaves per bottle. This should help you estimate how much oil to use per shave.
  2. I started with a dry face. I found the oil worked best when I applied it to damp skin and then worked the water and oil in together. This created a much slicker surface than simply the oil alone. Oil and water are two key components of any slick shaving lotion. Mixing them creates the shaving solution.
  3. I assumed I knew what I was doing. This was a new type of shaving for me, and I should have treated it as such. Once I began acting like I had never shaved before I achieved closer shaves.
Foster and Lake Shave Answers Shaving Oil Review
Foster and Lake Shave Answers Shaving Oil Review

I was able to give myself very close shaves using the Foster and Lake Shave Answers shaving oil once I got the hang of it with some “beginner-type” experimentation. This shaving oil does have a different feel than traditional wet shaving with a soap or a cream. Feedback from my razor was more immediate and much more sensory. It was very comfortable, but I knew exactly where my razor was every second of  my shave. Additionally, the clear oil allowed me to be extremely precise with my shave. I think this would be ideal for men with beards or goatees looking to clean up their edges. Another feature I appreciate in this shaving oil is the incredibly clean ingredient list. I try to avoid excessive chemicals in my grooming products, and I always appreciate a short list like this.

Like I said, for me my best results came when I treated this like a new shaving process and pretended I was a beginner. In this vein, I’d like to offer my tips for getting your best shave with a shaving oil.

Tips for a Better Shave

  1. Clean and damp. Be sure your face is washed and still a little damp before starting. This will help ensure the best shave possible.

  2. Work the oil into all areas. Pay close attention to corners and edges. You don’t want to have an uncovered area when your razor passes over it.

  3. Use extremely small strokes. I found the glide of the oil to be different that what I was typically used to. Smaller strokes kept my skin taught and protected.

  4. Stick to a single pass. I know this goes against the grain (pun intended) of everything we know as wet shavers, but I found a single pass was enough to give myself a close shave. If you do need to touch up a few spots, just re-dampen and re-shave.

Once I got the hang of this new shaving method, I was able to give myself quick, close, and effective shaves. If you’re looking for a change from your everyday shave or looking for a simple, clean shaving solution, I definitely recommend the Foster and Lake Shave Answers shaving oil.

*This post was sponsored by Foster and Lake, but my views, as always, are my own*