Fine Accoutrements “Snake Bite” Aftershave Review

Fine Accoutrements “Snake Bite” Aftershave Review
Fine Accoutrements “Snake Bite” Aftershave Review

Do you like bone-chilling menthol? You had better. This stuff has it in spades, and I haven’t experienced anything like it before. I even made the questionable judgment call a few weeks ago of using “Snake Bite” on one of our sub-freezing winter days. That was…invigorating. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a fantastic aftershave. You just need to know what you’re getting yourself into with this one.

When I was in high school, I went on a ski trip to Killington, Vermont. Now, normally this trip would have the highlight of my year. It was memorable, but mostly because we went during one of the worst blizzards to hit the East Coast in the last twenty years. I would swear the sign at the peak said the temperature with the wind chill was -77º F. I know that doesn’t seem right, but I just checked, and the low at the base that month was -30º F, so it must have been somewhere around there. And this aftershave reminds me of that trip. 

I think this aftershave is beautifully crafted, and that beauty is in the simplicity. Using their Alt Innsbruck model, Fine Accoutrements uses only three ingredients: Alcohol, Water, and Menthol. The craftsmanship is in using the right proportions, and the result is phenomenal. This aftershave feels perfect on my face, and I can’t wait to use it this summer.

If you’re someone like me, fragrance plays a major part of your daily shaving and grooming routine. So when do I use “Snake Bite”?

1. When I don’t want anything to interfere with my cologne. I have some colognes, like Green Irish Tweed, that I enjoy so much that I don’t want anything else to compete.

2. When I don’t want any fragrance at all. Some situations call for an absence of cologne. For example, negotiations with the U. S. Attorney (spoilers for Billions). 

3. When I’m in the mood for some kick-ass menthol. 

Because of their simplicity and expert craftsmanship, the aftershaves from Fine Accoutrements are always in the conversation about my favorite products to use post-shave. “Snake Bite” is no exception. I highly recommend using it whenever you want an alcohol-based aftershave with a menthol kicker. 


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