Fall Fragrance, British Wool, and Bad Days

Man, what a week. When things get a little too crazy in the real world, I hope this blog can be a place of short distraction from some of the things that are going on. I had some trouble getting started writing this week, and a friend of mine reminded me that what I do helps people and people need that these days. So hopefully these links this week are a helpful distraction filled with real-life advice and suggestions.

There are a couple good sales running this weekend. Allen Edmonds is offering 20% off all clearance items. It’s the perfect time to pick up a new pair of dress shoes. Lacoste is running their semi-annual sale. It’s always the best time to grab a few of my favorite polo shirts.

Lather Brothers Soap Company is a brand that’s new to me. I may have to check them out!

Fall scents are probably my favorite scents. This list should come in handy!

Loving this denim jacket for fall.

This post is absolutely necessary in August.

I love the idea that there are more important things to being a gentleman than how one dresses.

And you can pair that denim jacket with this shirt.

A very simple, but very stylish rule.

Well, these just look delicious.

Style icon, simplified.

There’s something so perfect about desert boots in the fall.


We all have bad days, here are some great tips for getting through them.

Throw this one on the bucket list.

I really enjoy the patch pockets and bold pattern on this jacket.

A fascinating breakdown of the British wool industry.