Fall Essentials 2016

I can’t believe summer is over. Ok, I know that summer isn’t REALLY over until September 21st, but can we all agree that Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer. The mornings are already getting a little colder, and before you know it the leaves will start changing. Like I said last week, I sent my daughter off to her first day of first grade, and Thursday was my son’s first day of Pre-K. With those frosty-filled mornings comes layers, layers, and layers. I think fall is my personal most stylish time of the year. I love denim, leather, boots, sweaters, etc. This season gives me a lot of opportunity to wear everything that’s been languishing in my closet for the last nine months.

Something else that I love about fall clothes is the versatility. In the beginning of autumn, when it’s still relatively warm, a button down shirt on it’s own still looks great. But when those temps drop, you can throw on a blazer or sport coat, stepping up your look. As we roll into November, a wool sweater tops off that fall fashion, which finally culminates with a shirt, sweater, and sport coat combo.

I want to talk about accessories for a minute too. Summer clothes don’t necessarily afford you too many opportunities to carry around that many accessories. But you might find yourself needing a few more come fall. An umbrella is a necessity. Sure, it rains in the summer too, but usually you dry pretty quickly and the rain is a more welcome refresher in the heat. In the fall though, almost nothing can ruin your day like a cold rain soaking through your clothes. I remember not having an umbrella during the first semester of my freshman year in college. It didn’t take too many morning walks across campus in the rain before realizing I needed an umbrella. Also, sunglasses. Wait, I thought that was a fall essentials post? Don’t worry. It is. The sun may start rising later and setting earlier, but that’s doesn’t mean it’s still not bright during the day. When those leaves are off the trees, the sun can be even worse than it is during the summer. I personally like aviators for the colder months. Finally, flasks. I don’t talk about drinking a lot on the blog. But if you’re going to take a nip during a cold football game, do it with a little style. I love the flasks from Tucker Blair. Check out below to see all my picks for this year’s essentials.

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