DR Harris Arlington Review

With the heat rising, it’s time to start talking about summer-worthy shaving soaps and aftershaves. Today, I’m taking a look and the DR Harris Arlington wet shaving products. DR Harris has long been one of my favorite brands, and I always looks forward to a shave with their shaving soaps and aftershaves.

DR Harris Arlington Review
DR Harris Arlington Review

DR Harris Arlington Fragrance

Arlington one of the best summertime scents I’ve tried in a while. As always, this is subject to personal preference. I’m not a huge fan of bay rums, which are another popular warm weather fragrance. I prefer citrus-based scents in the summer like this. DR Harris Arlington is loaded with citrus and bright greens. I pick up a lot of lime in the opening notes. This is a crisp, clean, refreshing fragrance that will kick start your olfactory senses in the morning.

DR Harris Arlington Shaving Soap

The scent I described above is a little lighter in the shaving soap, but it’s still there, and I get enough to enjoy my shave. I have heard the DR Harris Arlington shaving cream has a stronger scent, but I have not tried that…yet. As is my usual experience with DR Harris, this shaving soap provides some exceptional lather. It’s no surprise that DR Harris soaps are some of my all time favorite shaving soaps. I have only found a few brands that combine this level of comfort and slickness, and this is one of them. My personal opinion is that the use of tallow as an ingredient is the cause, but that’s just my opinion. The price is on the higher side, but I think it’s definitely worth it.

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DR Harris Arlington Aftershave

To start, I think the strength of the fragrance in this aftershave is perfect. It’s not too strong, not too light, and lasts about twenty to thirty minutes. That is exactly what I want from an aftershave splash. I also like my aftershaves with a menthol kick, which this mildly has. I would up the menthol a bit to the level of some other brands, but it’s not a deal breaker. One feature that surprised me was the dispenser cap. Only a few drops of aftershave pour out with each shake of the bottle. This gave me excellent control over how much i used. I’ve been caught off guard before by some quick pour bottles, and I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate this.

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