Desks, Hairy Chests, and Swimsuits

Desks, Hairy Chests, and Swimsuits
Desks, Hairy Chests, and Swimsuits

I’ve been trying to include more links than I had been in these Weekend Reading posts. I hope you’re finding some great resources here. Today’s links focus a lot on summer jackets and building up/slimming down your wardrobe. I’m really paying a lot more attention to what I buy, how it looks on me, and what it says about me (or at least what I want it to say).

I didn’t know desk envy could be a thing until I saw Simon’s.

This 2.5 button Rubinacci linen blazer is perfect for summer.

Aside from number ten (sorry, Mark), I would recommend these rules to anyone.

I’m obsessed with this linen jacket too!

Personally, I dig having a hairy chest, but if you want to trim it up a bit, check out Ashley’s advice.

Not into linen? Check out this hopsack jacket.

Just say no to board shorts.

Grenson loafers for $149? Yes, please.

The hat definitely makes Brian’s outfit. I just don’t know if I have the guts to try it.

Be sure to check out the Herring Shoes sale going on now too!

I’m following Peter’s advice soon and decluttering my closet. Also, be sure to grab the PDF.

Gilt is running a huge Floris sale right now.

This is a huge focus for me as I make clothing purchases going forward. I’m glad Megan could validate my angst.

Have you seen the new Proraso colognes? I definitely want to try these!

I’ve seen far fewer of these films than I should by this point. How many have you seen?