Citrocol Lime Aftershave Review

Citrocol Lime Aftershave Review Citrocol Lime Aftershave Review

Several months ago I started gearing up with some shaving supplies for summer.  Mostly citrus-scented products and the like.  One of the pieces I picked up was the Citrocol Lime aftershave.  The full name, more accurately, is Citrocol Lightly Scented Lime Cologne made by the St. Lucia Bay Rum Co.  Considering the company was established in 1924, there is surprisingly little information available.  I was not able to find a website, a history of the company, or any real information to speak of.  Of course none of this prevents me from writing a review, I just like to give a little backstory when I can, especially with an almost hundred year old company.

There are quite a few things I like about this aftershave.  To start, the ingredients list is quite impressive.  The ingredients listed are Alcohol (55%), Water, Essential Oils (Lime and Bay Oils).  That’s it.  That’s the list.  That simple list alone makes this a perfect aftershave for summer.  Nothing to weigh your skin down, nothing with an extra oily feeling.  Secondly, the scent is very enjoyable.  In the bottle, the smell actually reminds me of Sprite; however, once applied to your skin, the sweetness fades away giving the lime and bay oils room to breathe.  Finally, this aftershave is an exceptional value.  Currently, Smallflower is selling this aftershave for twelve dollars a bottle.  That’s roughly a dollar per ounce.  For an essential oil-based aftershave with no chemical additives, that incredible.

There is one significant negative point I would like to make about the Citrocol aftershave.  The aftershave is packaged in a ten ounce beer bottle with a cork stopper.  While I appreciate the Caribbean charm and the uniqueness that goes along with it, my cork broke off in the bottle the first time I opened it.  Now the cork sits, staring at me every time I use the bottle.  On top of that, the bottle opening was not necessarily designed for applying a small about of aftershave, making the pouring of the aftershave tricky.  Is this a deal-breaker for me?  No.  I still really enjoy this aftershave, and find it perfect for hot days.  However, I will think twice the next time I order and might look for something new like this or this.


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