Chilly Spring Days

It’s been a strangely cool spring around here. I think March was actually nicer than May, but that may have simply been my perception coming off a chilling winter. I think spring is always remembered warmer than it actually is. How many people go away for Memorial Day only to wish they brought a sweater and not their swimsuit?

Around Philadelphia, spring means rain, some sun and wind, and then some more rain. I put together a post on casual rainy days a few months ago, but what do you do on those cool, sunny but windy days in between? Those days usually feel colder than the thermostat might suggest, thanks to the breeze. So a little extra layered warmth in your outfit can go a long way.

Pants: Brooks Brothers  //  Shirt: J. Crew  //  Vest: Barbour

Belt: Caputo & Co.  //  Boots: Red Wing  //  Tie: The Tie Bar

Watch: Timex  //  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

These are perfect spring vests. I think Barbour makes some of the most stylish cold, damp, and rainy weather gear. What I love about this outfit is its versatility. Roll up or button down your sleeves. Snap or unsnap your vest. Vary the thickness of your socks (yes, it makes a difference). These are all steps you can take to adjust the internal temperature of the clothes without disturbing your look. Now normally I’m not a huge fan of cargo pants, but Brooks Brothers has these slim fit, minimally-pocketed cords that add a little warmth and a little style.

Summer is coming, I promise. But for now we have to deal with windy, puddle-laden (hence, the boots) days that are deceptively chilly.


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