Chess, Movies, and Coffee

Happy almost Halloween everyone! Do you have any plans this year? As I get older (and have kids) my focus has shifted from parties to family fun and candy. Oh, that candy. Starting now through Christmas my eating just goes out the window. But that’s how it is, isn’t it? Anyway, this year I’ll be staying home to hand out sweets while my wife takes the kids out for the trick-or-treating.

I would also love to get some feedback from you on the blog. Do you like the outfit inspiration posts? Do you like seeing the grooming product reviews? Is there any other content you would like to see me tackle? Anything I can improve on (besides consistency in posting, I’m aware of that one haha!). I’m open to any and all feedback to make this blog better and even more interesting. Please let me know In the comments below.

And now, on to the posts.

Do you compromise on your creative endeavors?

Ralph Lauren is offering 30% when you spend $125 using the code STYLE17. I’m really digging this duffel coat, this scarf and these jeans (yes, this even works on some sale items!).

I love how shaving can lead into so many other hobbies.

Neiman Marcus Last Call is also having a clearance blowout. There’s a lot of great stuff marked down here. My favorites are these cashmere sweaters, this Hickey Freeman suit, this Barbera tie, one of my favorite fragrances, and this Cucinelli blazer (this one is pricey, but it’s a hell of a deal!)

I have one watch that I wear most days, but I want to try to mix it up a little more. Valet has the right idea.

I’m definitely entering this coffee contest!

I love this tattersall pattern.

Mr. Dann has my vote. Which is your favorite wrap up look?

Movies are such a fashion inspiration. I’m always looking to see what I can incorporate into my style. These looks are fantastic.

I popped into Nordstrom the other day and checked out this fragrance. Absolutely amazing! Definitely my next cologne purchase.

A navy suit might be the perfect piece of clothing.

Nothing says fall to me quite like leather!

Need a last minute costume idea? SG has you covered!

Happy Halloween, everyone!