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Weekend Reading

Here’s a collection of a few things I’ve been reading and looking at this week. Here’s a new shaving technique that I’ll be trying this week. Brian always has fantastic tips and impeccable taste. I really loved this piece The Art of Manliness did on one of my favorites, Winston Churchill. We all want to stay in shape, but no one wants to be that guy who annoys everyone with his stories.  Don’t be that guy. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting a new pair of jeans this weekend. After going to several Crossfit boxes over a couple of years, I found this interview very interesting. (Ok, I know it’s not reading, but still…) There should be a new mail call coming soon including this and this and this.  Oh, and maybe this. Once I get those new jeans, I’ll know how to take care of them. Do you have Razor Acquisition Disorder (RAD)? I love reading about morning routines, and this is a highly productive one. Regards, Tailor & Barber…